Monday, November 2, 2015

Why Laser Hair Removal is Best.

1. Laser hair removal cosmetic surgery is started near 1990 and now this surgery is a popular method of hair removal especially facial hair of woman’s.
2. In this procedure use of high power pulsed diode laser lights is absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft which is damaging the follicular epithelium So this is the cause of permanent hair reduction without damaging the epidermis.
 3. Laser surgery is a best method because after this method hair does not come out immediately, this method has blown away the root of the hairs. This surgery can be done anywhere on the body except eyes or other sensitive parts. 
4. The laser treats large area of unwanted hair. Lasers are equipped with a cooling device and protect the upper layer of skin. Darker hair responds best to hair removal. 
5. This method of hair removal is not a 100 % safe method it has many side effects like allergy, itching pink skin, hyper pigmentation scarab formation acne infection etc. Read more details of side effects here:-
 6. Main reasons for these side effects are use of low quality topical anesthetics by laser centres so If you check that numbing cream or topical anesthetics for laser, which used by cosmetic surgery centre are approved by the FDA or your local medical authority than your risks of side effects reduced. 
7. Overall it is a best method because in many cases laser cosmetic parlor gives a permanent hair removal solution to the user.
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