Tuesday, November 10, 2015

LED Light Therapy:- Effeteness,Benefits, Dangers, and Reviews,with at Home Machines.

LED Light Therapy:-When light emitting diode (LED) technology is used for promoting growth of collagen or activate neocollagenesis  then this type of light therapy is called LED light therapy. LED light therapy is also known as photo-dynamic therapy (PDT)
How LED Light Therapy works:- Researchers found that when LED array target to  skin elastin protein which found under skin then it change molecular stature of water layer surround elastin  ( elastin connects collagen ) then natural healing process of body start work and stimulate new elastin and collagen production under your skin, in result's you get wrinkle free youth skin.
Uses of LED Light Therapy:- LED light is used for healing wounds from 40-50 years but now best age defying uses also include in LED light therapy uses. here are some of most popular uses of this therapy:-
1. Treat fine lines and wrinkles ( age defying use).
2. Treat acne , acne scaring and rosocea.
3. Treat pigmentation.
Benefits of LED Light Therapy:- This therapy improve overall skin (epidermis) texture and promote production of new elastin and collagen in skin layer so user get a wrinkles free youth like skin.
Dangers ( Side effects ) of LED light therapy:- Generally led light therapy is safe because it use only visible light but if you are so sensitive to light then you may feel some mild side effects like headache, nausea, eye-strain etc.
Get symptomatic treatment and stop led light therapy for a while to getting rid from side effects.
Best led light machines for home use:- Here are 3 best at home led light systems:- (Visit links for detail of each device)

Reviews and testimonials of led light therapy devices like light stim, project e beauty etc.:- Light stim , projet e beauty, sphere gadget lightphoria, helios advanced led light system are best led light therapy machines visit links which given I given above for amazon buyer customer review and testimonials for each device. We recommended sphere gadget lightphoria 10000 lux for best results. 
Compare Laser light anti aging therapy with led light anti aging therapy:- Laser light is an infra-red light which work similar in led light therapy but laser therapy for skin rejuvenation is more advanced then led light read more details about age defying laser at this link:-

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