Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gillette Venus Naked Skin : UK Most Popular IPL

1. Gillette Venus Naked Skin  is UK Most Popular IPL hair reduction system.

2. Manufacturer of  Gillette Venus Naked Skin® : UK Most Popular IPL is Braun.
3. This popular at home machine no need to charging and no need to bulb replacement.
4. Most useful for arms ,under Arms,body and face.
5. Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL have in built skin tone sensor for safety.
6. Copmare Gillette Venus Naked Skin with philips lumea:- Now we compare these 2 most popular at home IPL hair reduction systems of UK
A. Philips lumea and Gillette venus both are IPL devices.
B. Philips lumea have 6 models and Gillette Venus available in single model, Compare latest 4 models of Philips lumea here:-
C. Price of Philips Lumea models  are £150.00 to £400.00 depend on model.

Price of Gillette Venus Naked Skin is £200.00 to £250.00




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