Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Neocollagenesis Definition Benefits and Methods

What is Neocollagenesis (Neocollagenesis  Definition ):- The world neocollagenesis is made from three words Neo+ Collagen + Synthesis where
Neo= Neo means a combining form meaning “new,” “recent,” “revived,” “modified,”
Collagen= Collagen means The fibrous structural protein found in connective tissue under the skin layer and when collagen is shrink it cause sign of aging like wrinkles.

Synthesis:- to make Something 
So now we simply understand that world neocollagenesis means " Making of New ( Fresh) Collagen"

Benefits of Neocollagenesis:- When Old Shrink Collagen replace by new fresh collagen then sign of aging also replaced so neocollagenesis is used in wrinkle treatments.
How to trigger Neocollagenesis:-  There are several methods used to trigger neocollagenesis like
Age Defying Laser systems
Injections of Neurotoxins like botox 
Needling in collagen 
Anulom Viloma Breathing Excercise
Suggested Reading:- Today Various energy based systems are available that trigger neocollagenesis So read this article for more details
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