Friday, November 13, 2015

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent ?

Most of people think laser hair removal or IPL hair removal is give them permanent life long hair reduction.

This is untrue. Why?
In this article we review  "Is laser hair removal really permanent "?
First we knew that
What Permanent hair removal mean?:- No doubt permanent mean life long not for 1-2 years. So we review here results of laser hair removal. 
Before we continue please try to understand in brief that " How laser hair removal work?
In Laser or IPL hair removal a beam of highly concentrated light is penetrate in to hair follicle area. The energy of this light is absorbed by pigments of  hair follicle,and hair follicle is destroy due to this energy.
Now we come on our main question
"Is laser hair removal is permanent hair removal or not? 
The answer is " No"
Although laser hair removal or IPL hair removal permanently reduce the number of hairs on body but after 2-3 years some of hair follicle will rejuvenate due to body self healing system so Laser and IPL wil give long lasting and permanent like result but not cause permanent hair removal.
Many people experience partial regrowth of their hair in treated area.

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