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Perifollicular Edema vs Follicular Edema vs Folliculitis after Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Follicular Edema:- The red bumps which that may form after hair removal treatments are a possible side effect of laser hair treatment which known as “Follicular Edema.” 
follicular edema
Perifollicular Edema:-This type of edema is normal swelling due to collection of fluid in the interstitial spaces (area around the depression in the skin from which the hair emerges). 
Perifollicular edema is sometimes a short term, mild side-effect of laser and IPL hair removal which typically resolves in a matter of hours  if following the right procedure. 
perifollicular edema
Follicular edema is a response of sensative skin to the thermal energy of the laser machine. follicular edema also referred to as “ant bites,” this side effect occurs during and shortly after the completion of laser treatment. 
This is a short term side effaces duration of this side effect can be between 1 days to 7 days. 
As with every laser healing, issues can occur with laser hair removal. Redness and swelling of the hair follicle, identified medically as erythema and perifollicular edema, are “average” events seen after most laser hair elimination remedies. This redness should be anticipated to final most likely for 12 – 24 hours
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How to treat folliculitis after laser hair removal:- Sufferer are directed to avoid shaving waxing and direct sun expose until the red bumps disappear to avoid irritating the skin. 
You can a hydro-cortisone cream or the simple application of a cold compress can be used to alleviate the swelling and restore the skin to its natural state. 
If hydro cortisone cream not work for you than you may try application of ice cubes.
Step by Step guide to cure follicular edema after laser hair removal:-
Step 1

Apply a cold compress to the treatment area three to 4 times everyday for as much as quarter-hour per application. This soothes irritated bumps and helps combat swelling and redness within the epidermis. Ice will also be wrapped in a clean fabric, or use ice packs.
Step 2

follow a skinny movie of steroid cream to the healing field as directed by means of your dermatologist. Topical steroid creams will reduce irritation and ease soreness and discomfort from laser bumps. These lotions additionally speed the remedy procedure. They are prescribed for the period of your first laser hair elimination therapy.
Step 3
Cleanse the handled skin twice everyday with a soft cleaner and tender washcloth. Restrict scrubbing the subject, which can lead to additional inflammation. Soft cleansing will help promote epidermis therapy and restrict bacteria from coming into the cure web site and inflicting bumps to emerge as infected. Lukewarm or cool water for the period of cleansing will provide further soothing comfort to those painful bumps.
Step 4
Quilt the treatment field with clothing for the primary week after cure to prevent sun publicity. Exposure to the sun for the duration of this time can aggravate bumps and intent further epidermis irritation. After per week, wear sunscreen when going open air alternatively of completely protecting the epidermis.
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