Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to Rejuvenate Facial Skin Without Laser or LED

Today I tell you my famous home method about rejuvenate facial skin without laser or LED
Now see this simple but powerful and working home beauty tip
" Use Steam bath on your face 2 minutes per day for 25 days and see the difference "
Actually steam bath also trigger neocollagenesis like laser or LED
You already read "how LED therapy work"
So steam is work same method like a thermal device for skin rejuvenation.
How steam trigger skin rejuvenation:- when heat of steam target to  skin elastin protein which found under skin then steam change molecular stature of water layer surround elastin  ( elastin protein connects collagen and liable for skin elasticity ) then as laser or LED natural healing process of body start work and stimulate new elastin and collagen production under our skin, in result's we get tight and wrinkle free youth skin.
Caution:- Do not use very hot or boiling water for steam protect your face and eyes from burn and take it under the care of professional steam bath beautician or use only branded steam bath device with carefully author or this article not liable for any burn or damage.
See this you-tube video for details:-

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