Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Average Price of Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

Laser and IPL hair removal is not very expensive due to it capacity of permanent hair removal. If we compare it with our life time expansion on hair removal creams repeated shaving, twee-zing  or waxing, and other stuff then IPL and  laser hair removal is not very expensive . 
here is an lum sum idea of cost in permanent laser hair removal surgery
1. in US it is $250  to $2500  depends on area of hair removing. like Bikini-$950-$1200
Legs (toes to bikini)-$2,600-$5500

2. in India it is INR1500 to INR30,000  depends on area and sessions.
overall you can not find actual cost on Internet because it is variable and depends on country , area , clinic and number of sessions of treatment etc.
We calculated an estimated average treatment price list on base of price of various reputed laser clinics in USA and CANADA, please note that price given in this table is an estimated average idea only , for accurate cost of laser hair removal you can visit particular spa or parlour for more details. Price given here are per sitting price ( For full treatment you need 6-8 sittings).
For more details about laser hair removal sittings read this article:-
How many sessions required for laser hair removal
so this table give you a lum sum idea that how much does it cost to get laser hair removal on
Full Face (inc neck)$60
Lip and Chin$40
Eyebrows (under,upper & middle)$85
Standard Bikini & Underarms$60
Extended Bikini (g-string) or Brazilian$60
Extended Bikini (g-string) & Underarms$70
Standard Bikini$60
Brazilian + underarm , 2 small areas$80
Brazilian & underarms, 1 small area$75
Brazilian & u/arm$70
Lower Legs (inc. feet & toes)$185
Top Legs (inc. feet & toes)$200
Full Leg (inc. feet & toes)$385
Lower Legs + Brazilian & U/arm  + 2 small areas$220
Top Legs + Brazilian & U/arm  + 2 small areas$240
Full Legs + Brazilian & U/arm + 2 small areas$420
Feet (inc. toes)$35
Hands (inc. fingers)$35
Half Arms (incl. hands & fingers)$140
Half Arms + Brazilian & u/arms + 2 small areas$200
Full Arms (incl. hands & fingers)$180
Full Arms + Brazilian & U/arm + 2 small areas$240
–3/4 Arms (incl. hands & fingers)$160
Half Back OR Half Stomach$120
Full Back$220
Full Buttocks (side to side & perianal area)$160
Buttocks ( cheeks only)$70
Due to this cost this is a good idea to buy a best laser hair removal system for home use, 
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