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No!No! PRO (nono hair removal system) review , Tria vs nono and Remington vs nono

1.No!No! PRO is a hair removal device which name mean no hair!no pain! 
2.No!no! PRO is neither a laser hair removal and nor an IPL device,It is a heat base hair removal system.
I get many emails from my readers where they ask comparison between Tria vs nono and Remington vs nono, So please remember that Tria is a laser beam base hair removal system and Remington is an IPL beam base system but no!no! PRO is based on Thermicon™ Technology which conducts a gentle pulse of heat to unwanted hair. It is safely and painlessly removed. 
3. So unlike Tria 4x lasers that only work on light skin and dark hair, no!no! hair removal system works for all skin colors, hair colors and skin types. That's great for asian skin tone. 
4. Tria is a  laser hair removal system  and Remington is a  IPL system both give you permanent hair reduction but nono is a thermal device which not offer permanent (life time ) hair reduction, When Nono thermal plus conducts heat to hair, Hair is instantly crystallized and removed providing silky smooth skin for weeks (not for life time) 
5. Does nono hair removal system work?:- Yes It is work and give you a hair free smooth skin for weeks.
6. Cost of no!no! PRO:-no!no! PRO is available near $250-$290 based on model and your country.
7. How many variations of nono hair removal are available in market?
nono have 5 models 
no!no! MICRO,
no!no! Hair,
no!no! For MEN,
no!no! PRO3 ,
no!no! PRO
8. Carejoy most national blu -ray thermal energy machine is an another best low cost thermal machine, read more details of this machine here:-
Carejoy most national blu -ray thermal energy machine review
Veet Vs Tria
Thermal base hair removal pros and cons
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Do At home Laser Hair Removal Systems Work ? Part 1

In Response of my earlier articles about best home laser hair removal kits most of my followers ask that does at home laser or IPL hair removal systems really work? 

In reply of this question I want to ask from these followers that "Why not? Why they think so? 
This question is as foolish as I ask you that " Does at home hair removal cream or at home hair removal wax work like a professional beautician used wax or cream? 
Tria laser hair removal machine 4x and Remington I light Pro machines are at home machines but they work like a professional laser hair removal system. 
I am already tell you a home method about permanent facial hair removal without laser or IPL ,if you ask me about this that " Does my at home method for permanent removal of facial hair without using laser or Ipl work? then I am not sure but no doubt that in current technology at home laser and IPL hair removal systems work like any professional machine.
Continue read in part 2:-Do At-Home Laser Hair Removal Systems Really Work? Part 2
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tria Skin Rejuvenation Laser Reviews

Today we Review Tria skin rejuvenation laser. Here are the some of use-full reviews of this best skin rejuvenation laser:-
Review by Allure Magazine:- 

Tria age defy laser Defy signs of aging so this device named a Skin-Care Game Changer by Allure Magazine. 
Reviw by seema beauty club:- 
Tria age defying laser is the only FDA-cleared and the best at-home skin rejuvenation technology. 
How to use Tria age defying laser:-
Wash your skin with Priming Cleanser to remove all traces of makeup, sunscreen, and other products that can block the laser beam. 
 After washing your skin rub it with a soft towel to allow dry. Now Select your treatment level (1 to 3). 
 After starting the treatment treat the cheek facial zone 1 until the device beeps, then move on to zones 2, 3, and 4, in that order. 
 Precautions With Tria age defying laser:- 
Do not use Tria skin rejuvenation laser on any area of the body besides the face. Do not use Tria age defying laser on skin that is infected, burned, or cut. Do not treat your eyelids or aim the device directly into the eyes. 
 Tria Skin rejuvenation laser Before and After:- 
Now I give you 2 real pics where you compare results of Tria age defying laser before and after:-
Before Tria age defying laser
After Tria age defying laser
Compare Tria age defying laser with other age defying devices:-
Read this article for compare Tria age defying laser with other devices and find how age defying laser works

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Excess Phosphorous Removal From Serum Make You Young

This scientific article describe that how excess serum phosphorus is trigger aging:-

Late productions are demonstrating that overabundance phosphate can expand aggravation, tissue decay, calcification of veins, malignancy, dementia, and, when all is said in done, the procedures of aging. 
This is particularly imperative, in view of the expanding utilization of phosphates as nourishment added substances.  
Long ago, the difficulties of ceaseless kidney sickness, with expanded serum phosphate, were thought to be particular for that condition, however, the revelation of a phosphate-controlling quality named Klotho (after one of the Fates in Greek mythology) has brought about a ton of reevaluating of the organic part of phosphate. 
In the nineteenth century, phosphorus was normally called mind sustenance, and since around 1970, its contribution in cell regulation has turned into a center of reductionist considering. 
ATP, adenosine triphosphate, is seen as the vitality source that drives cell development and in addition the "pumps" that keep up the living state, and as the wellspring of the cyclic AMP that is a general activator of cells, and as the benefactor of the phosphate assemble that initiates an incredible number of proteins in the "phosphorylation course." 
When tissues calcified currently maturing, calcium was faulted (overlooking the presence of calcium phosphate gems in the tissues), and low calcium eating regimens were suggested. 
As of late, when calcium supplements haven't delivered the planned impacts, calcium was faulted, slighting alternate materials display in the supplements, for example, citrate, phosphate, orotate, aspartate, and lactate. I have an alternate point of view on the "phosphorylation course," and on alternate capacities of phosphate in cells, built to a great extent with respect to my perspective of the part of water in cell physiology. 
In the well known perspective, a boost causes a change of shape in a receptor protein, making it turn into a dynamic compound, catalyzing the exchange of a phosphate bunch from ATP to an alternate protein, making it change shape and get to be enacted, and to exchange phosphate gatherings to different atoms, or to expel phosphates from dynamic chemicals, in chain responses. 
This is standard natural chemistry, that is possible in a test tube. Beginning around 1970, when the contribution of phosphorylation in the initiation of catalysts in glycogen breakdown was well known, individuals started perceiving that the glycogen phosphorylase compound got to be dynamic promptly when the muscle cell contracted, and that phosphorylation emulated the actuation. 
Phosphorylation was included in enactment of the compound, however in the event that something else initially enacted the protein (by transforming its shape), the expansion of the phosphate bunch couldn't be considered as causal, in the regular reductionist sense. 
It was one member in a complex causal procedure. I saw this as a conceivable sample of the impact of changing water structure on protein structure and capacity. 
This perspective of water inquiries the importance of test tube natural chemistry. 
 Proteins are known which abruptly ended up latent when the temperature is brought down past a certain point. This is on the grounds that solvent proteins mastermind their shape so that their hydrophobic locales, the parts with fat-like side-chains on the amino acids, are inside, with the parts of the chain with water-dissolvable amino acids masterminded to be on the outside, in contact with the water. 
The "wetness" of water, its movement that has a tendency to prohibit the sleek parts of the protein particle, diminishes as the temperature reductions, and a few proteins are destabilized when the moderately hydrophobic gathering is no more repulsed by the encompassing cooler water. 
 In the living cell, the water is all inside a short separation of a surface of fats or fat-like proteins. In an arrangement of examinations, beginning in the 1960s, Walter Drost-Hansen demonstrated that, paying little respect to the way of the material, the water close to a surface is structurally altered, getting to be less thick, more voluminous. 
This water is more "lipophilic," adjusting itself to the vicinity of greasy material, as though it were colder. This change in the water's properties additionally influences the solvency of particles, expanding the dissolve ability of potassium, diminishing that of sodium, magnesium, and calcium (Wiggins, 1973). 
 At the point when a muscle gets, its volume immediately diminishes (Abbott and Baskin, 1962). Under greatly high weight, muscles contract. In both circumstances, the work-delivering methodology of constriction is connected with a slight diminish in volume.
 Amid compression of a muscle or nerve, hotness is given off, bringing about the temperature to climb. Amid unwinding, recuperating from excitation, hotness is ingested (Curtin and Woledge, 1974; Westphal, et al., 1999; Constable, et al. 1997). 
On account of a nerve, after the warming delivered by excitation, the temperature of the nerve diminishes underneath the beginning temperature (Abbot, et al., 1965). 
Extending a muscle causes vitality to be consumed (Constable, et al., 1997). 
Vitality changes, for example, these, without related concoction progressions, have headed a few examiners to infer that muscle strain era is "entropy driven" (Davis and Rodgers, 1995). 
 Kelvin's depiction (1858) of the physical science of water in a cleanser bubble, "… if a film, for example, a cleanser air pocket be developed . . . it encounters a cooling impact . . . ," portrays the conduct of nerves and muscles, retaining vitality or hotness when they are unwinding (or stretching), discharging it when they are energized/contracting. 
 A few gatherings of experimenters in the course of the most recent 60 years have attempted to find what happens to the missing high temperature; some have proposed electrical or osmotic stockpiling, and some have exhibited that extending creates ATP, contending for compound stockpiling. Physical capacity as structural changes in the water-protein-lipid framework, interfacing with substance changes, for example, ATP combination, has barely been explored. Early investigations of muscle science and constriction found that adding ATP to a thick result of proteins concentrated from muscle diminished its thickness, furthermore that the misfortune.
How to remove excess phosphorus from serum:- For this purpose I already recommended 11 natural foods for anti aging , Read this article for more details about these foods ( All 11 foods are help to balance your body calcium or phosphorus ratio to prevent aging)

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Top laser hair removal for home use

Today we discuss about  top ranking laser hair removal devices and try to learn the differences between laser devices and IPL devices. These home laser hair removal machines are based on laser, IPL and HPL technology. 
1. Veet Infini Silk' Pro:-

best laser hair removal mahesh kaushik

This IPL device is very popular in these days for permanent at home laser hair removal because Veet infini is ideal for whole body laser hair removal. cost of veet infini silk'pro is $295. You may easily buy this device on-line. Veet infini is a cartage base intense pulsed light machine each cartage deliver 5000 flashes.

Or see this youtube video for more details of veet infini silk pro

2. Norlanya IPL hair removal:- 
best IPL and skin rejuvenation mahesh kaushik
This is a great Idea to buy a single laser hair removal machine which deliver twin benefits of permanent hair removal and age defying
Norlanya at home best IPL machine is one of them. With the help of Norlanya IPL hair removal and age defying you can get laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation 

cost of this machine is $440

best at home laser
see more best at home  age defying laser machines here
Best at home age defying laser
3. Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X :- This is an FDA approved device for home laser hair removal, the manufacturer of this device is tria beauty it is a good device and work like any professional devices in clinics but only drawback is its higher costs. The cost of tria device is $400 to $500. If you are live in USA and Canada then you can buy this device 

See this youtube video for more details of tria 4x

4. Silk'n SN-002 SensEpil All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device:-
hpl home laser

This device is most popular in Canada, Silk’n SN uses patented Home Pulsed Light Technology (HPL) which make it safer as a home laser hair removal device. Price for Silk'n SN-002 SensEpil All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device is $350 to $400. This system is shipped worldwide from Amazon at this link

5. Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro, Professional IPL Hair Removal System:-
remington laser mahesh kaushik

This device use IPL technology please remember this is not a laser beam base device IPL mean Intense pulse light IPL is used to treat sun damages and less effective than laser but ipl have low side effects so this is a popular home hair removal device , IPL and Laser is not same but IPL also give you a permanent hair removal solution in low costs . The Remington i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal System is a light-based device and very similar to laser technology that has been FDA cleared for the removal of unwanted body hair. Cost of Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro, Professional IPL Hair Removal System is $250 to $350 .
This system is shipped worldwide from Amazon at this link

6. Philips Lumea Prestige:- 
philips lumea mahesh kaushik

Philips lumea prestige is best home laser hair removal 

machine in UK Philips Lumea Prestige is cordless system 
(only Tria 4x laser and philips lumea is cordless devices others are corded operation)

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Neocollagenesis Definition Benefits and Methods

What is Neocollagenesis (Neocollagenesis  Definition ):- The world neocollagenesis is made from three words Neo+ Collagen + Synthesis where
Neo= Neo means a combining form meaning “new,” “recent,” “revived,” “modified,”
Collagen= Collagen means The fibrous structural protein found in connective tissue under the skin layer and when collagen is shrink it cause sign of aging like wrinkles.

Synthesis:- to make Something 
So now we simply understand that world neocollagenesis means " Making of New ( Fresh) Collagen"

Benefits of Neocollagenesis:- When Old Shrink Collagen replace by new fresh collagen then sign of aging also replaced so neocollagenesis is used in wrinkle treatments.
How to trigger Neocollagenesis:-  There are several methods used to trigger neocollagenesis like
Age Defying Laser systems
Injections of Neurotoxins like botox 
Needling in collagen 
Anulom Viloma Breathing Excercise
Suggested Reading:- Today Various energy based systems are available that trigger neocollagenesis So read this article for more details
Best at home age defying laser systems

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Best Way To Remove Facial Hair Permanently (Without Using Laser or IPL)

You already read basic natural tips for remove facial hair naturally.Today I tell you that how to permanently remove facial hair without using laser  and IPL systems
1. This is a use-full method for all women which have thick facial hairs like mustache and beard.
2. Facial hairs are mostly find in human males but some females are also develop facial hair especially after menopause.
3. In femals mostly facial hairs are found in upper lip.
4.  So What is best way to remove facial hair permanently? Laser or IPL hair removals are best for permanent hair reduction and they really work best (Read:- does at home laser hair removal system work?) but some of women not want to use these methods they want an alternate . 
Today I told you one method which may permanently remove facial hair at home.
5. This method told me by a stranger lady in train and she give me multiple scientific prove that this method is work. she told me that she have facial hair and she remove them naturally by this method.
6. I am also find this method so simple and very use-full so I publish this on this blog .
7. For using this method you need 3 thingns 1. Hydrogen Peroxide 2. Hair bleach 3. Hair Wax
8.First of all test your skin that you have no any allergy to above  3 products, because author of this blog is not a doctor and skin care specialist so no liability is accepted if this method will hurt you so try it in you own risk and after proper allergy test or under the care of your dermatologist. 
9. It is recommended that first use this method on a patch of your leg before try it direct to your  face.

10. Now we come in to main method:- Apply hydrogen peroxide on unwanted hairs for 10 minutes,It will weaken hair roots like laser hair removal and after 10 minute wash this hydrogen peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide chemical is available all leading chemists .
Now bleach these hairs (bleaching also weak hair roots),
And finally just after the bleaching wax these hairs.
When waxing plucking these hairs which roots are already weaken with hydrogen peroxide and bleach, then waxing will pluck hairs with roots.  
11. After this wax when next time your hair grow then 5-10% hairs not come back because they damage by roots. 
12. Repeat this method in every 15 days,
after using 5-7 cycle you may note that 50 %+ your hair not come back. 
13. Laser hair removal also want many sittings like this method .
14. Continue repeat this method after every 15 days, till you get maximum optimized results or no facial hair.
Please do not forget to share your experiences in comments if you use this method and remove your facial hair permanently without laser
This method is usefull for facial hair only
Do not forget to give +1 and share this free trick
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Top 4 Age Defying Serums

Today  I Review some of best anti aging serums and their review of 2014.
Anti-aging serums are very popular for this exact reason – they offer a unique take on the world of anti-aging, and provide you with a way to make sure that you still look good in the end. The US has a huge market for these type of products, so if you are looking for the top anti-aging serum products on the market you can pick them up here;
We select Top 4 Anti Aging Serums of 2014 for home use.
1.Chanel Precision Hydramax Active Serum:-

While you might get good effects from less extravagant and expensive brands, Chanel skin products are some of the most efficient in the entire world. It will leave you feeling fresh and youthful so if you want to really benefit from the effects of Chanel Precision it’s going to be one of the best choices out there on the market for you. Chanel precision hydromax serum has Silky smooth gel texture that immediately melts into skin. It Quenches skin with intense hydration. This serum Instantly moisturizes skin with long lasting effect. This serum Contains an active ingredient to reinforce skin barrier to bind in moisture.

2.CaudaliePulpe vitaminee Anti-Wrinkle Serum:- 

Containing a unique grape seed extract, this is an ingredient which can really make a difference to the quality and style of your skin. It will help create a nice glow around your skin and the serum itself is light and easy to apply – you can go full on with this without having to worry too much about how much you are putting on. It’s expensive but it’s very much worth your time.
3.Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Daily Moisturizer SPF:-

It offers you far more anti-aging possibilities than your traditional store copies of anti-aging and is more of a bespoke solution. It’s great for reducing sun spots and also helping smoothen out and enhance the quality of your skin. It’s a product that needs some daily moisturizing to really get the most out of, but when you do start to use it you will really notice the power that it holds!
4.Kinerase Extreme:-

This might not come from one of the “big name” brands out there on the market, but it offers yo an incredibly fruit-like smell while still giving your skin the protection and help that it needs. It’s got a strong pineapple scent, and it feel like your skin is actually beginning to tighten up a little bit when it begins to dry on your skin. It’s very useful, though, and is well worth the outlay if you need quality anti-aging serums.
These four key names in the anti-aging world in the US are some of the most popular worldwide, too. If you want to use a quality anti-aging serum that comes with high-end reputations worldwide then any of the above are going to be absolutely perfect for you.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Top Five Anti-Aging Products

Why Anti Aging Products are Necessary?
When it comes to battling aging, most people are willing to try just about everything to combat the lines and wrinkles that can spring up as early as age twenty-five. While there are some products on the market that are nothing more than a moisturizer in a fancy pot, there are some products that actually do what they promise to do. Here are the top five anti-aging, age defying products 2014.
1. Olay Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream –
Our bodies do most of their regenerating at night. That’s the time to provide them with the help they need to fight the signs of again. This cream not only hydrates the skin (which can make it look fuller and plumper), but helps to fill in those annoying little wrinkles around the eye.
2. Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Lift –
Lifting Firming Day Cream – This cream has repeatedly won reader’s choice awards. Why? Because it really works. Once used by Coco herself, it is highly moisturizing, protects from sun damage, and helps to speed up healing and regeneration in the skin. IT firms, lifts, smoothes, softens, and even brightens the appearance of the skin.
3. L’Oreal Paris Advanced RevitaLift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair Night Cream –

This cream is by far one of the best night creams on the market. Packed with retinol, it not only encourages the skin to slough off dead skin cells, but actually helps to reduce the appearance of lines on the forehead and around the eye, where the most telling signs of aging start to crop up. This one’s also great if you don’t like strong-smelling products—its scent is light.
4. Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum –

If you are not yet using a serum, get one today! Creams and lotions can only do so much. When it’s time for the heavy lifting, it’s time for this serum from Boots N0.7 Packed with Vitamins A and E, it evens out redness, firms the skin, and goes on clean.

5. Olay Regenerist Filling + Sealing Wrinkle Treatment –
This product is so amazing, it earned Olay another spot on our list! When it comes to the lines on the forehead, wrinkles around the eyes, and lines around the mouth, you want a targeted treatment that really works—that’s where this product comes in. It wakes up the skin, filling in those noticeable lines, and doesn’t irritate the skin or eyes.

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Top 4 Age Defying Secrets.

Today, everyone wants to stay young. It is truly the name of the game in this day and age. While there are many different ways people try to stay young, there are very few truly age defying secrets. It takes true dedication to research and produce meaningful results when it comes to finding and sharing age defying secrets. This article, is a wellspring of proven age defying secrets, read on to learn more.
1.Nutrition:- It is all about nutrition. There is an old saying, you are what you eat. When it comes to age and keeping yourself youthful and young, there could not be a more true statement. When it comes to age defying secrets there is nothing like Age Defying Foods
Other 2 best age defying foods are
a.Shirataki noodles:- 
 Shirataki noodles are truly a miracle noodle which contains the highest soluble fiber of any food. This noodle is a well kept natural age defying secret. Shirataki comes from the root of a plant called Amorphophallus Konjac grown in various parts of Asia. Shirtaki noodles  also contributes to fiber intake, and these noodles can be a substitute for starchy noodles.

b. Artichokes :-
Eat your artichokes. It has recently been proven that eating 3 artichokes a day can reduce the effects of free radicals by 60%. It has been reported that artichokes are stock full of antioxidants, which promote liver function and can even help with bloating and an upset stomach. Eating 3 artichokes a day will not only prolong your life and quality of life, but also yield impressive immediate results that will help you feel better today and tomorrow.

2. Cutting Back of Suger:-Everyone loves their sweets, but one of the most powerful age defying secrets known and proven is the cutting back of sugar. Eliminating sugar in your diet is going to help to eliminate those achy joints and those pains as you get older. Eliminating sugar is a simple yet incredibly effective age defying secret, and one that everyone can implement today.
3. Eat less:-  This is my main secret of anti aging, I always eat less, When my staff member enjoying sweets and oily fast foods then I enjoy my sugar free tea and dates in my breakfast.

Many people reverse their diabetes from less eating.

Many people get good figure from less eating.

Researches found then rats are live long when they live minimum foods.

4. Breathing Exercise:- Anulom Viloma Paranayama is a best anti aging Breathing Exercise. Anulom viloma paranayama prevent from Alzheimer and Parkinson even from brain stroke and normalize high blood pressure.
5. Anti Aging Laser:- I write a detail article about age defying laser on this blog, read it here

Friday, July 18, 2014

When to Begin and Benefits of Anti-Aging Products ?

There has been a lot of debate in regards to the best time one should start using anti-aging products. Experts have however warned that people must learn to know the right timing and avoid beginning the use of anti-aging products too early or too late.

Nowadays, there are several Age Defying Creams on the market catering for different types of skin types, age and budgets.

Most of these creams contain strong ingredients and therefore users need to be well informed before beginning to use them. A lot of anti-aging products have been designed with an aim of maintaining your dermis firm and resilient. If you love being out in the sun, you need to be conscious of the chemicals you use because some of them could burn your dermis.
Beginning the use of anti-aging products when it’s too late might fail to realize the desired effects. Even the most effective treatment types cannot do much to restore the elastic nature of the dermis. So, good timing is very important for anyone who wants to gain significantly from the use of anti-aging products.
When is the appropriate time to begin using anti aging nutritional supplements?
For Using Age Defying Foods there is no any minimum age.
Today, users are quite lucky because the market has many anti aging products that one can choose from. Experts suggest a gradual transition as the best approach to adopt. When one grows older, there’s an increased need to slowly introduce a wide variety of products that can cope up with unforeseen skin changes.
Early use of preventive anti aging natural supplements is a good idea to ensure the skin retains a youthful appearance.
The most common age defying treatment currently on the market is age defying creams which can be gradually introduced once you get to the age of 30.
You should know that the skin particularly around your eyes is very delicate and, therefore, tends to wear out easily. A lot of effort needs to be put into sustaining the youthfulness of the dermis. For some people, fine lines and wrinkles start to show up in early 30’s necessitating quick action to prevent aging symptoms from becoming more visible. Age defying creams for the eye are particularly useful for breaking down collagen and reducing the presence of dark circles commonly associated with aging.
Exposure to the sun has been directly blamed for fast tracking aging symptoms. Collagen fibers are damaged because of the sun and can also cause skin cancer. If you spend a lot of your time outdoors, make sure to purchase sun block products with significant SPF levels. The reason for doing is to allow you comfortably go about your activities without worrying about damaging the dermis.
Technology has also played a major role with the introduction of age defying laser systems that are highly effective, safe and quite convenient to use. People in their mid 30’s should also try to use highly effective skin moisturizers with powerful anti aging capabilities.
So we get a conclusion that:-
No any age for age defying foods.
Minimum 30 years for chemical base Age defying Cream.
Minimum 40  years for using Laser or thermal technology.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Top 11 Age Defying Foods

If you are looking for certain foods that contains all essential Vitamins and minerals and prevent you from signs of aging, Then your search is over. I am researching best age defying foods from last 20 years and in this article I give you l brief details of my 20 year research about the best age defying foods.

1. Olive oil: -

Yes, Fat is a necessary element to stop wrinkles in your skin, because if you are on low fat diet, then fat layer below skin is starting to dissolve that cause skin corrugate. Finally, you get wrinkles on your skin.

At my age of 35 years I am suffering from gas, stomach acid or bloating so my doctor says that I stopped all fat rich foods for proper digestion. After following the doctor's advice I stop consuming all fat rich foods and within the 2 months my skin got wrinkles. When I start consuming olive oil and cow butter in my diet then my wrinkles gone away within few months.

Why Olive oil is a better age defying healthy fat:-

  • Olive oil contains Hydroxytyrosol (  DHPE) and Oleocanthal both, was shown to inhibit platelet aggregation so olive oil is useful to  prevent you from heart stroke.

  • Olive oil contain omega 3 fatty acid, Vitamin E, and LDL fats so this is a best fat for elder people.
  • Olive oil stimulate Neocollagenesis 

2. Clarified Butter made from cow milk:- 

Yes, I knew that clarified butter contains saturated fats and saturated fats may cause heart disease, but if you are not suffering from heart blockage, High cholesterol and high blood pressure then clarified butter made from cow milk fat is an essential anti aging food, because using of clarifying cow butter makes your skin wrinkle free.

If your doctor doesn't allow you to consume cow butter or cow ghee, then I have an alternative method for wrinkles

My mom is 65+ and she has high blood pressure so she not consume ghee or butter, but after my advice she starts massage of olive oil and cow ghee on his skin and within 60 days her 50 % skin wrinkles are gone.

We all knew that our skin has small pours and this message will thick fat layer which situated under the skin and damage of this layer cause wrinkles in the skin.

Method of this massage:-

Mix olive oil and cow ghee in 50:50 ratio and massage all over on skin  and after 1 hour takes your bath.. See the difference on your wrinkles in 15 days of using and after 2 months most of your wrinkles are reduced.

3. Dates Palm:-

Date palm is a rich source of dietary fiber. They are rich in Tannin which is a polyphinolic antioxidants. Date palm also contains flavonoids like beta carotene, lutein, zea Xanthin they all work as anti oxidants, Date Palm mostly used by Saudi Arabians and other deserts countries  people of these countries are live longer with long lasting sexual life. Read more details about anti ageing effect of polyphenols here:-How to Live Young Forever Secret #2: Use Polyphenols in Your Diet

4. Common Fig:-

Dry  common fig is a best age defying dry fruit because common fig contains all necessary B group vitamins so if vitamin B complex capsules are irritating your stomach then dry common fig is a best alternative of B complex vitamin capsules, this is the nutritional value of common fig

Figs, dried, uncooked

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)

Thiamine (B1) (7%) 0.085 mg
Riboflavin (B2) (7%) 0.082 mg
Niacin (B3) (4%) 0.619 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) (9%) 0.434 mg
Vitamin B6 (8%) 0.106 mg
Folate (B9) (2%) 9 μg
Choline (3%) 15.8 mg
Vitamin C (1%) 1.2 mg
Vitamin K (15%) 15.6 μg
Calcium (16%) 162 mg
Iron (16%) 2.03 mg
Magnesium (19%) 68 mg
Manganese (24%) 0.51 mg
Phosphorus (10%) 67 mg
Potassium (14%) 680 mg
Sodium (1%) 10 mg
Zinc (6%) 0.55 mg

So why elder people take multivitamins per day why note we choose this alternative of multivitamins and get benefit from this age defying food.

5. Bottle Gourd:-

 Bottle gourd have anti cholesterol properties but it contain a cyto toxin so do not use bitter calabash or bottle gourd because juice of bitter bottle gourd may cause serious side effects even death. but no doubt that if sweet bottle gourd use in small quantity the is a best alternative of anti cholesterol drugs.

6. Walnut:-

Walnut are best source of essential amino acids and good fatty acids. walnut have alpha linolenic acid and linolenic acid these good fatty acids are prevent user from bad cholesterol. walnuts are also  best source of omega 3 fatty acids.

7. Spinach:-

Spinach contains a high nutritional worth and is extraordinarily wealthy in antioxidants, especially when we use it, steamed, or quickly stewed. Spinach contains higher quantities of axerophthol (and particularly high in lutein), vitamin K, Vitamin B1, vitamin B6, folic acid vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B2, , manganese, folate, biotin, iron calcium, potassium, , copper, zinc, niacin, selenium ,phosphorus, and omega-3 fatty acid , Opioid peptides known as rubiscolins have also found in spinach.

So no doubt spinach is an essential part of your anti aging diet plan.


lemon juice is a mild laxative it kill candida and Escherichia coli type bacteria in intestine so lemon juice is a best anti candida diet. Lemon is also a known source of Vitamin C which boost immunity.

9. Honey:-

If you are non diabetic and want to live long then replace white refine sugar from honey because honey is a best natural source of glucose fructose and maltose , Honey also contain some anti oxidant

10. Yogurt:-

 Fresh Sweet Yogurt specially if  made from cow milk is best source of pre and probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria's which provide vitamin B and K to host and A study publish in International general of obesity suggest that low fat Yogurt consumption may promote weight loss.

11. Tea :- 

Tea contains flavonoids, which prevent from haemorrhoids and colon cancer, tea also contains amino acids, few of the vitamins, tannin and caffeine and several polysaccharides, these have a variety of health benefits and It has been suggested in some studies that green and black tea may be protect against some type of cancer. . The  catechins found in green tea are thought to be effective in preventing certain cancers like  liver and colorectal cancer, It is also claimed that both green and black teas may protect against cardiovascular disease.
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Warning:- These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These Foods are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease consult your doctor or dietitian before try any of above foods.