Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Can laser hair removal be used for nostril hair?

One of my follower ask that " I want to permanent remove my nostril hair through laser? What to do? which home laser hair removal system is best for nasel hair removal?
Laser hair removal inside nose:- 
No any home laser hair removal machine is useful for laser hair removal inside nose because nose mucosa is a sensitive membrane and doing laser or IPL hair removal inside nose is hurt , 
However a professional plastic surgeon doing electrolysis for nose hair removal.
Electrolysis and laser hair removal is near about same read the difference in both of them in this link:-
Laser nose hair removal cost:- I already told that your laser surgeon use electrolysis instead of laser or IPL for permanent hair removal inside your nose, cost of nose electrolysis is near $50 for both of nostril but it all depend on your country and your surgeon fees because nose hair removal will be performed by only a experienced and qualified dermatologist.
Electrolysis nose hair removal:-
Electrolysis is a best option for removing male nostril hairs but this electrolysis of nose hair is done only by a experienced hair removal specialist, watch this you tube video for more details:-

Best way to get rid of nose hair:- If you want to removal nose hair from top of nose then laser and IPL systems are best for you read more details of home laser hair removal machines here:-

How to remove hair from nose surface?:-  If you want to remove hair from nose upper surface or laser hair removal on top of nose then IPL hair removal systems like Gillette Venus Naked Skin is a best choice read more details here:-
Same process may be adopted for nasal hair removal in female

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wow Hair Vanish : Ingredients, Price, Review and Side Effects.

About Wow Hair Vanish:- Wow hair vanish is a hair growth retardant . Hair retardants are growth inhibitors which retards hair growth from the hair follicles. 
Hair growth inhibitors or hair growth
retardant means chemical formulations which inhibit ( reduce or delayed) hair re-growth after saving or waxing.
Wow Hair Vanish Ingredients:-Wow hair vanish use natural ingredients to reduce or delayed hair growth. 
I provide you complete list of wow hair vanish retardant ingredients:-
Purified water
Glycerol monostearate (Glyceryl mono stearate);-As emalsifires
Sunflower oil;-For moisturising and potential hair growth inhibitor
Capric triglyceride:-For moisturising and potential hair growth inhibitor
Jojoba oil:-For moisturizing
Liquorice extract ( also known as yastimadhu and mulethi in ayurveda):- Potensial hair growth inhibitor.
Papain ( Papaya enzyme):- As hair folical melanin destroyer and hair growth inhibitor
Allantoin:- For moisturizing and keratolytic effect
Sodium benzoate:-As preservative
Potassium sorbate:- As preservative to avoid fermentation
How Wow Hair Vanish Work:-Wow hair vanish work in 3 steps
1.Surface Action wow hair vanish dissolves surface hair & penetrates to the root.
2.  Root Action Ingredients are absorbed into the hair follicle starving the root of its nutrients. 
3.Continuous Action Once the hair root is neutralized, hair growth ceases indefinitely. 
Wow Hair Vanish How to Use:-Firstly, remove hair from the area (where you wish to apply wow hair inhibitor) which you use currently with the hair remover. 
Apply sufficient quantity of Wow Hair Vanish and rub it in a counter-clockwise direction simultaneously. 
Repeat this for 7 days twice a day, morning and evening after each hair removal procedure. 
However if you use a hair remover cream instead then use Wow Hair Vanish should be used on a daily basis.
Wow Hair Vanish Side Effects:-
Wow hair vanish contain papain   in 2008 the FDA announced its intention to take action against topical papain products because it had received reports of serious adverse events in patients using products containing papain. 

Reports included hypersensitivity (allergic) reactions that lead to hypo-tension (low blood pressure) and tachycardia (rapid heart rate). 
In addition, people allergic to latex can also be allergic to papaya, the source of papain, implying that people with latex sensitivity may be at increased risk of suffering an adverse reaction to a topical papain drug product. 
 FDA recommended that people with concerns about using topical papain preparations contact their health care provider about discontinuing use 
( If you are not allergic with papaya and safely eat papaya in your diet then I think no problem with topical papaya latex)
Wow Hair Vanish Price:-Wow hair vanish 100 ml pack price is near INR 700 , or $10 ( Price subject to change So please visit these link to find current price with discount deal or coupan code:-

Wow Hair Vanish Reviews:-In my review Wow hair vanish may give you permanet like hair removal if you use it with this method:-
Wow Hair Vanish Reviews India:-Amazon India website have 204 reviews from real buyers of wow hair vanish and this is no.1 best seller product in hair growth inhibitors. Among these 204 reviews 118 reviewer give 5 star rating to this product and 27 reviewer give 4 star rating for wow hair vanish, read complete reviews on Amazon India here:-

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

How to Live Young Forever Secret #2: Use Polyphenols in Your Diet

Respected Readers, In my earlier article "How to Live Young Forever Secret #1: Eat Less live Long" I told you the first secret of age defying with low calories diet. Now I tell you Secret #2 of this series.
If you do not read it yet then please first read it here:-
How to Live Young Forever Secret #2:  Use Polyphenols in Your Diet
What is Ployphenols:- 
Poly-phenols are secondary metabolites of natural plants and they generally involved in defence against oxidative stress and also protect from ultraviolet radiation or aggression by pathogens. 
Dietary plant poly-phenols are best antioxidant which defy your age naturally. 
What benefits poly-phenols provide:-
Recent researches suggest that long term consumption of diets rich in plant polyphenols offer protection against development of cancers, remove aging sign, protect from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and neuro-degenerative diseases. 

List of polyphenols rich foods:- I already provide list of top11 age defying foods if you not read it yet then please first read it here:-
Now see this list of top poly-phenols foods:-
1.Fruits:- polyphenoles find in grapes, apple, pear, cherries and berries which contains up to 200–300 mg polyphenols per 100 grams fresh weight. 
2. Red Wine:- Typically a glass of red wine  contains about 100 mg polyphenols. Resveratrol is a polyphenol which find in red wine.
3. Green Tea:- Contains flavonoids which are active polyphenols. ( black tea also contain flavonoids).

4. Onion:- Onion contain "quercetin" which is also a best anti aging polyphenols.
in last part of this series we discuss best age defying vitamis for more knowlage about anti aging diet with polyphenols read this research theory:-Plant polyphenols as dietary antioxidants in human health and disease
How to Remove Ageing Sign which You Already Got:-
If you plan to start low calories diet with polyphenols but worried about ageing signs, fine lines, wrinkles which you already got.
Then do not worry use these top age defying laser to remove your ageing signs:-