Thursday, November 5, 2015

Is Laser Hair Surgery Is Expensive ?

In response of my earlier article 
Why Laser Hair removal many of my follower ask that " is laser hair removal is expensive?I think laser hair removal is not very expensive due to it capacity of permanent hair removal if we compare it with our life time expansion on hair removal creams repeated shaving, tweezing, or waxing, and other stuff it is not very expensive . 
Here is an lum sum idea of costing in permanent lasik laser hair removal surgery

1. in US it is $150  to $2000  depends on area of hair removing. like Bikini-$750-$1000


Legs (toes to bikini)-$2,500-$5000

2. in India it is INR500 to INR20,000  depends on area and sessions.
You can see full price list here
Cost of laser hair removal
overall you can not find actual cost of laser and IPL hair removal on Internet because it is variable and depends on country , area , clinic and number of sessions of treatment etc.
comments are invited if you recently get a lasik laser hair removal or Brazilian laser hair removal than please comments about your cost with your area of hair removal and your country name for help of others.
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