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Compare & Review All Top Laser Hair Removal Machines for Home use

Today we review and compare top 11 laser and IPL hair removal machines for home use. 
These at home laser hair removal machines are based on laser, IPL and HPL technology. 
When we doing laser hair removals at home then we get several benefits in compare to dermatologist clinic like;  We can do it in own privacy.  
Buying an at home laser hair removal machine is an one time investment so it can save thousands of dollars (when we use it in all of our family members)  
With help of a good home laser hair removal machine you can can do it at any of your suitable time. 
Before you buy a laser hair removal machine you must aware that laser and IPL machines are different devices.
There are 4 type of best laser hair removal machines for home use:- 
1. Laser Technology based laser hair removal machine for home use. Example,Tria 4X  
2. HPL Technology based Hpl hair removal machine for home use. Example Siln,n SN 
3. IPL Technology based Ipl hair removal machine for home use. Example Remington IPL . 
 4. IPL & RF Technology based RF hair removal machine for home use. Example Tanda me . 
So now read details of every type of home laser hair removal and IPL systems here:-
1.Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X  

Silent Features :- 
Tria is an FDA approved system for home laser hair removal. The manufacturer of this system is Tria beauty. 
Tria is the best laser hair removal machine for home use because tria and work like any professional laser hair removal system in clinics. 
The cost of Tria devices is $425 to $500. 

This device features professional level diode lasers, these diode lasers disable the hair follicle by targeting the melanin at the root. Tria laser frequency is optimized for melanin So tria remove hair without damaging the surrounding skin. Tria is a laser diode base system so Tria does not need to cartridge replacement unlike other IPL base systems. Manufacturer allow facial uses you can use it cheek-line down. Recommended uses for Feet, legs,bikini line,face, back,chest, underarm down. You can use continue 30-50 minutes without charging. Compare Tria with Veet

2.Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based Ipl Hair Removal System For Home Use 

•Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based Ipl Hair Removal System is a FDA cleared at home IPL hair removal system that uses same technology found in clinics and salons 
Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based Ipl Hair Removal System use state of the art technology which delivers permanent hair reduction results in as few as 4-5 treatments 
•Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based Ipl is Ideal for full body hair removal, including arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest 
•Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based Ipl is designed for both women and mens' hair removal 
• Other features of Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based Ipl include skin color sensor, skin contact sensor, 5 light energy levels and corded operation. 
• Discounted cost of Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based best Ipl machine for home use is $300.

3. Norlanya Stylight Portable IPL Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Machine 

With the help of new technology in HPL /IPL /Laser hair removal machines  this machine gives you a combination of at home permanent hair removal system and skin rejuvenation system in a single machine. 
 It means in a single home hair removal system you get both features 
 Norlanya Portable IPL Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Machine use the intense pulsed light technology, this at home system can remove hair permanently and painlessly in 4-8 sessions. 
 Norlanya IPL give you safe treatment with temperature control & Skin touch control .
Norlanya IPL put output temperature on surface skin is 40-56 degree centigrade which is normal so no need of cooling gel for skin type I & II, no burning risk, no harm and much less pain .( most home based IPL device output temperature reaches 80 C and user has to use gel to protect skin from getting burned) 
 • Norlanya Stylight has one handle with 2 lamps for both hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment. 
 • Long lifetime warranty for each lamp of Stylight - 20,000 shots for HR lamp & 30,000 shots for SR lamp. HR (Hair Remove): 2 pulses per shot. SR (Skin Rejuvenation): 5 pulses per shot. 
 • Norlanya Stylight is suitable for skin type I to V. It works for black, brown, and light brown hair. It has limited results on fair, white, gray and gold hair, but no limits on treatment areas. 
 Norlanya Stylight works for face, body and private areas. Hair remove result can be seen in 3-4 weeks of initial treatment and will improve over time treatment. About 6-8 sessions can gain permanent result and result lasts no less than one year. 
Price of Norlanya stylight is $440. 
4.Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision

Tria hair removal laser precision is an FDA approved system for home laser hair removal. Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is designed for smaller, more sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarms. Portable and cordless.  Cost $299 in USA 

5.Silk'n SN-002 SensEpil All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device 

 This device is most popular in Canada, Silk’n SN uses patented Home Pulsed Light Technology (HPL) which make it safer as at home laser hair removal system. Price for Silk'n SN-002 SensEpil All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device is $320 to $380. 
 Silk'n SensEpil portable laser hair removal home machine uses patented Home Pulsed Light Technology (HPL). 
 HPL seeks and destroys unwanted hair in the treatment areas. 
Tria Vs Silk n SN
HPL base systems want more sessions in compare to laser diode base device like Tria. 
This device use lamp cartridge and come with a single lamp cartridge. Not recommended for genital part and nipples. Lamp cartridge come with 1500 flashes. 
 This system is come with cord. 

6.Silk'n SN-008 Flash&Go All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device. 

Flash&Go is an FDA-cleared home-use hpl hair removal machine for obtaining permanent hair removal from the face and body. 
It is designed for use by both men and women. 
Price range for this device is $180 to $220. 
1.Silk'n Flash & Go is a laser light-based system for permanent hair removal on the body. 
2. Silk'n Flash & Go is an best laser hair removal machine for home use with home machine you get permanent hair removal with comfort of your own home. 
 3. Silk,n Flash & Go uses patented Home Pulsed LightTM (HPL) technology to safely and effectively provide permanent hair removal solutions for both men and women. 
 4. This device have a unique skin color sensor which is built into the Silk 'n SN Flash & Go to measure the treated skin complexion at the beginning of each session and occasionally during the session for skin safety. 
 5. It is Not for use with naturally dark or tanned skin. This device is not as effective on blonde, white or light hair. 
 6.With this machine you will start seeing results after 4 treatments But optimal results require at least 6 months of continued use. 

7.Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro, Professional IPL Hair Removal System. 

This device use IPL technology please remember this is not a laser beam base device IPL mean Intense pulse light IPL is used to treat sun damages and less effective than laser but ipl have low side effects so this is a popular home hair removal device , IPL and Laser is not same but IPL also give you a permanent hair removal solution in low costs . Remington is best at home IPL machine . 
The Remington i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal System is a light-based device and very similar to laser technology that has been FDA cleared for the removal of unwanted body hair. Cost of Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro, Professional IPL Hair Removal System is $250 to $350.  

8.Philips  Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System : - 

This is an another great choice in IPL devices . 
Philips lumea is a Branded IPL system which popular in UK and other European countries. 
Philips SC 1981/50 lumea Cost is $200 in USA Philips SC 1981/50 lumea Provides up to 75% hair reduction after only 2 months or 4 treatments (on legs) 

Philips Lumea Prestige SC2008/11 IPL Hair Regrowth Prevention System is best for face and body.

Compare all models of philips lumea here
 9.Tanda me™ Smooth Professional At Home Hair Removal System. 

This home IPL and RF hair removal machine combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies. 
The Tanda me™ is the best laser hair removal machine for people with lite hair (blond hair, red hair and gray hair). 
Tanda me™ is use patented elos technology. 
This device is FDA cleared to be safe and effective for all skin types and tones. Tanda me™ Smooth Professional At Home Hair Removal Kit is a best suitable home laser hair removal machine for light hair type. 
Actually Tanda me™ is an IPL and RF device. Tanda me™ Smooth Professional At Home Hair Removal Kit is an at-home device that combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies to help obtain laser hair removal results. 
 Tanda me™ is a combination of IPL and RF, the Tanda me™ is the most effective technology for people with light hair (blond, red and gray). 
 Patented elos technology Tanda me™ is the only best at-home hair removal device for people with light hair which is use patented elos technology. 
 Cost $272 in USA 

10.BellaLite By Silk'n: Professional Hair Removal At Home system 

• The BellaLite is an FDA cleared home-use device for obtaining excellent hair removal results. 
 • BellaLite machine and replacement cartridges will provide a lifetime of hair reduction results at a fraction of the cost of a physician's office visits. 
 •The BellaLite sytem includes a disposable lamp cartridge, holding 750 pulses. A cartridge typically covers 2 legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. Pulse intensity is determined only according to the energy level setting of the device. 
 • There is no decrease of energy during the usable lifetime of the lamp cartridge. For convenience and ease of use, the unit will notify you, using the lighted control panel, when the cartridge has reached 90% usage. 
 • Top dermatologists and plastic surgeons who tested BellaLiteTM concluded it could be used safely, easily and effectively in a typical home environment. 
 • BellaLite use the Home Pulsed LightTM (HPL) technology in the device so it has been designed to capture all the clinical benefits of pulsed light for hair removal at home. • Recent clinical studies showed dramatic hair reduction often more than 70% calculated at only 3 months post the last treatment. 
 • BellaLiteTM is ideal for use with lighter skin tones and brown to black hair. 
 • BellaLite is not suitable for Afro caribbean or black skin complexions. 
 • The BellaLite best at home permanent hpl hair removal system has been designed for body treatments with the most common areas being the legs, underarms, arms and bikini line. It can also be used for the treatment of facial hair from the cheek line downwards. 
 • With the help of this best at home hpl hair removal system self treatments can be done on legs, arms, bikini line and other areas of the body where hair removal is desired. Do not use on recently tanned skin. 
 • Discounted cost of this hpl machine is $200. 

11. Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair reduction System:-

This IPL system is available only in UK read more details of Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair reduction System in laserparlour UK arm here;-
Gillette Venues Naked Skin IPL Review
12. LumaRx Full Body at-home, IPL hair removal system:- 
Latest model in all laser and IPL home machines and lumarx is very popular in USA, Read full review of Lumarx full body at home IPL here:-
Review of Lumarx full body IPL

 Our Verdict:- 
1. Tria 4X is best laser hair removal machine if you have dark hair and fair skin.
2. Veet infi is best IPL machine for home use.
2. Tria precision is best for facial use only. 
3. Silk,n SN and BellaLite By Silk'n is best at home hair removal system if you want to enjoy something between laser and IPL. 
 4. . For lite hair Tanda me and Me my Elos are best. 
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  1. Really best review which I ever seen on internet, in my view veet infini is a best machine due to
    less side effects
    fast result
    budget cost
    Thank you

  2. Thank you bapge.
    No doubt that veet and Philips Lumea is best selling IPL home use systems
    I want to educate my readers about difference in laser diode base machine, IPL machine and RF machine

  3. Thank you so much for this top 10 hair removal machines. I’ve been doing it in my salon for 3 years now and it’s costing me a fortune! So I’ve been looking to invest in a at home machine, but since it’s still an investment, I want to make sure I make the right decision. From this great top 10, I would go for either #2 (Veet Infini'Silk) or #3 (Norlanya Stylight).

  4. Thank you Raelie AD
    Norlanya Skylight have 2 benefits first IPL hair removal and second is skin rejuvenation.
    veet infini Silk is already a best seller at home laser hair removal machine.

  5. Great comparison as always, Thanks

  6. Great review. I was unaware that we could buy these machines at home. I thought you had to go to a doctora office to do this. I plan on saving up for one of these machines now! :)

  7. Thank you the shy one for your review on at home laser hair removal.

  8. I had no idea these were out there. How interesting! I might have to research these more.

  9. Thank you Jennifer
    Here I review world best and popular laser hair removal products for home use.
    and In my verdict these 3 machines are best for home use with less pain and less side effects
    1. Me my elos
    2. Veet
    3. Tria

  10. Fantastic! This is exactly what I've been looking for! Great in depth review about the top 10 and now I see from your comment the top 3! That makes my decision a whole lot easier. Thank you.

  11. in my view top 3 at home laser hair removal systems are
    1. Veet Infini silk pro
    2. Tria 4x laser hair removal machine.
    3. Philips Lumia IPL hair removal system.

  12. Please include Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL system in your comparison because in UK generally Veet infini is hardly available but Phillips lumia and gillatte venus are popular brands in best IPL hair removal systems for home use

  13. Thank you shiv som soon I include Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL system in this comparison, regards

  14. I have not personally tried any of these. I was not sure how safe they were and since I have sensitive skin, I didn't want to risk anything. However, my close friend swears by the Infini'Silk and she has been using it for about 7 months now. She said that each time the hair grows back, it is thinner and softer and she hasn't had any growth in nearly 7 weeks. This is someone who has to shave every 12 hours to have smooth legs! I am going to try hers soon. Very informative post!

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