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D'arsonval High Frequency Device: UK Most Popular Spa at Home Reviewed.

In my blog best age defying laser I explained D'arsonval High Frequency Age Defying Therapy for Skin Tightening, Wrinkles, Fine lines,and Puffy Eyes This D'arsonval high frequency device is most popular as "Spa at Home" in UK.
D'arsonval high frequency device is best for acne spots , find lines and skin rejuvenating massage.
Most of user review find it very use full for this purpose.
In this article I tell you how D'arsonval high frequency device work for acne and fine lines.
How D'arsonval High Frequency Device Work:-
The D'arsonval high frequency therapeutic machine is composed with high frequency oscillating circuit. This system is made from capacitance resistance and semiconductor.  D'arsonval high frequency therapeutic machine is equipped with insulation handle that can insert electrode and high frequency current, with build-in step-up transformer which designed with circuit output cable beside the insulation handle. 
When you power on this device the electrotherapy stick will generate consecutive high voltage and high frequency current through high frequency oscillation circuit board to lead the glass electrode to generate discharge phenomenon and ultraviolet light. 
As D'arsonval ( The French physician) discovered that this high frequency current on human body partial peripheral vascular will appear contraction and expansion reaction alternately after the skin is simulated by the high frequency current. 
The electrical sparkle can produce ozone through ionizing environmental oxygen in the air.
This ozone will improve blood circulation and give antiseptic anti-ageing effects.
Caution:- D'arsonval is not to be used by people who suffer with heart disease or pacemaker installed
Use of this device during pregnancy is not recommended.
Avoid if you have epilepsy or other neurological problem
Not to use on open wounds and healed scars.
It is always wise to consult your doctor that "you are fit for D'arsonal high frequency or not?



Friday, December 25, 2015

How to Get Veet Best Home Laser(IPL) Hair Removal Machine in India in Just INR 12000

Slowly laser hair removal is getting popularity in India.
Unfortunately no any Indian home device company currently make a good home laser hair removal machine in India.
      So Indians ladies/ customers have only one option that they buy an Imported laser hair removal machine for their personal use.
But when you visit Indian arm of Amazon named then you find only 3 laser hair removal machines is listed there:-
1. Tria 4x Laser Hair Removal Machine
2. Norlanya IPL Hair Removal
3. Silk'N Flash and Go
and you wonder that all of these imported Item priced higher If we compare these from site.
Before we continue it is recommended to read my earlier article:-Best Home Laser Hair Removal Machines in India
So if you read above article then you understand that Tria 4X is priced near INR 60,000 and Norlanya also priced near INR 60,000 where a full body laser hair removal is available near INR 50,000 in Indians laser clinic's see cost of Indian clinics laser hair removal in various parts of body here:-
So today I tell you that how to buy a best branded IPL hair removal machine in India at just INR 12000
Get Veet Infini'Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System For Home Use in India at Low Cost:- Now ship laser hair removal machines to India so If we buy a best IPL hair removal machine name Veet Infini'Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System For Home Use then It cost $165 in USA terms and convert it in Indian Rupees
Today  USD 1 =INR 66.10 
So USD 165=10906
So If we buy Veet Infini'Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System from then It will be cost near INR 12000 ( Including shipping and packing charges).
Same happen in other machines like
Tria 4x cost in USD is $449 so in Indian currency it will be 29678.
So If you buy laser hair removal machines from instead of then it will be cheaper .
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Thursday, December 24, 2015

D'arsonval High Frequency Age Defying Therapy for Skin Tightening, Wrinkles, Fine lines,and Puffy Eyes

Today I tell you D'arsonval high frequency age defying therapy for skin tightening, wrinkles, fine lines,and puffy eyes.
Who is D'arsonval :- Jacques-Arsène D'arsonval   ( born June 8, 1851 –died  December 31, 1940) was a french physician, physicist, and inventor.
D'Arsonval main inventions was  moving-coil D'Arsonval galvanometer, thermocouple ammeter. 
D'Arsonval was  discovered that currents with frequency over 5,000 Hz did not cause the muscular contractions and nerve stimulation effects of electric shock. Instead of that they seemed to have beneficial effects like neocollagenesis
D'arsonval High Frequency Age Defying Therapy for Skin Tightening, Wrinkles, Fine lines,and Puffy Eyes:- D'arsonval pioneered the therapeutic application of high frequency current to the body, founding the field of electrotherapy. D'arsonval developed a spark-excited resonant circuit to generate currents of 0.5-2 MHz called "D'Arsonval currents" for therapy, which became known as "D'Arsonvalization". 
This direct high frequency increases activity in the skin`s basal layer, it refines skin texture and gives an improvement in the skin`s defence against bacteria. 
D'arsonval high frequency age defying therapy has a germicidal and anti-bacterial effect, because it neon gas electrodes stimulate ozone formation. This ozone limits sebaceous secretions and drying and healing pustular infection. 
Main benefits of D'arsonval high frequency age defying therapy:-
1.Impurities are released by the dilation of skin pores. 
2.The improvement of lymphatic and venous blood circulation.
3.Enhanced skin texture and oil and moisture balance.
4.It generated warmth which produces a relaxing, sedative effect, relieving tension.
5.Relieve muscular fatigue and pain when used with massage.
6.Promotes the blood circulation of the head, strengthens the nutrient supply, and aids in preventing and curing neurasthenia, headaches, dizziness, and sleepless nights. 
Promotes hair growth, prevents and cures hair loss, and loss of hair color.
D'arsonval high frequency age defying therapy package include:- Four Neon Gas Electrodes Attachments 
1.Hand Piece  one Mushroom Tube for large facial areas 
2. One tougue Tube for small facial areas.
3. One bend Tube for spot areas.
4. One Comb Tube for Hair .
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D'arsonval High Frequency Device: UK Most Popular Spa at Home Reviewed.

Avoid D'arsonval high frequency age defying therapy if you have:-
Heart disease or pacemaker installed
During pregnancy not recommended.
Epilepsy or Other Neurological Problem
Not to use on open wounds and healed scars.
It is always wise to consult your doctor that "you are fit for D'arsonal high frequency or not?" 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to Choose a Home Laser Hair Removal Machine?

There is a lot of laser hair removal machines in the market today, and you need to understand the one that is most suitable laser hair removal machine for domestic purpose. 
When you are scouting for laser home machines you thus need to do a small research beforehand so that you can know with certainty what you are looking for. Many people waste a lot of time while shopping because they do not know what they want and some end up buying the wrong products. 

Type of Home Laser Hair Removal Machines 
There are 2 type of laser hair removal machines in market:-
(1). Diode Laser Machines:- There are diode machines which have semiconductors, minute diodes laser machines which are usually placed together to create light and also light based machines. Example of this type machine is Tria 4X 
(2).Light based laser machines:- These machines use intense-pulsed light equipments to remove unwanted hairs. They use a wide range of beam of light enabling them to function effectively and efficiently on various types of skin and hair colors and depths of hairs. Example of this type machines is Veet Infini
How to Choose a good home laser hair removal system:-Once you establish what you want for your home, browse through the various manufacturers and retailers to find what they are offering the market in terms of quality and price.
 You should only buy a product that is affordable, convenient for you and meets your specific needs and wants. Be sure to look for companies that offer discounts on your purchase or have special offers for first time customers. 
This can make you save a great deal of money in your purchase deal. One thing that is very critical is the quality of the home laser hair removal machine. Remember this is a long term investment you are making for your needs and those of your family. It is thus of paramount importance to buy something that will last for ages. 
You do not have to spend a fortune in your purchase but with the amount you have budgeted for the purchase make the best out of that money to get a good quality product. Explore all possible means to get the best deal in the market in terms of price and quality. 
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Thermal Hair Removal V/s Laser or IPL

Yes, This is true that most of people prefer at home thermal  hair removal instead of laser and IPL. 

Reviews of heat base hair removal are very disappointing and not such promising as TV advertisements show. 
Why Thermal  Instead of Laser?:- Peoples have many reason to prove that why one can use thermal  hair removal instead of laser and IPL.
1. Thermal base home hair removal give you less pain (near about no pain) but laser or IPL hair removal is painful process.
2.Home thermal  hair removal machines are low cost machines anyone can easily afford them but laser or IPL machines are costly.
3. Results of Thermal v/s laser/IPL are near about same. ( This is false argument  )
4. Thermal hair removal has less or no side effects but laser hair removal cause many side effects.
What is Thermal Hair Removal or Thermal Epilation?:- When heat is used to crystallise hair and destroy hair follicle then this type of hair removal known as thermal ray hair removal several patented technology like Thermal-Ray™ and Thermicon™ used this heat base technique.
How Thermal Epilation Work?;-Thermal hair removal is a heat based technology, which uses no light, no lasers and no IPL technologies. Thermal hair removal system conducts a gentle pulse of heat to unwanted hair. so hair is crystallized and It is safely and painlessly removed.

This allows a greater pulse of energy to be passed down to the hair root. This energy disrupting the communication between the bulb and root which slows down hair regrowth and also weakens the hair. So due to several uses of thermal base heat hair removal, hair grows back slower, sparser, finer, lighter and in many cases not seeing hair grow back for a long time.
Cons of Thermal Hair Removal:-1. Give burning smell of hair which is very unpleasant.
2. May be hurt or burn your skin also.
3. Not for use of genital face and sensitive parts of body.
4. Device is not for long use in 3-4 months tip of device is easily corrupt.
5. It burns the hair only if you can push hard enough & get it at the right angle and not what it advertises to be.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Why I need too many sittings in laser hair treatment?

In laser hair removal treatment you want 3-7 sittings for a long lasting result . 

Why 3-7 sittings is required?:- The laser or IPL hair removal procedure uses high power pulsed diode laser on hair root . 
This laser light is absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft which is damaging the follicular epithelium. 
damaging of follicular epithelium is the cause of permanent hair reduction . 
It is not happening in a single sitting.
Some of hair shaft is damaging permanently in 3 to 7 sittings all depend on your hair thickness and particular area of laser hair removal like arms pubic etc. 
Why laser beam not damage all of hair follicle at once?:- laser technician doesn't give such a high beam on your hair shaft because In laser hair removal treatment  they want to damage only hair roots and protect  your epidermis ( skin layer ) so this is the reason for too many sittings in laser hair treatment.
Is home machines also require many sittings?:- Yes laser hair removal machines for  home use also required 3 to 7 sittings for permanent hair reduction.
What happen if you quit after some sittings?:- You can restart your treatment again at any time read detail here:-

Friday, December 4, 2015

What Happen if Anyone Stopped Laser Hair Removal in Mid Treatment?

1. For permanent hair reduction in laser hair removal treatment you may want 3-6 sessions, it depends on your hair area and hair quality. 

2. Many people go away from laser treatment after 1-2 sessions because they got side effects of laser hair removal like skin redness and skin rush pimples etc.
 3. After stopped laser hair removal treatment in mid they think this means progress will be lost and the hair  will go back
 4. You won't 'lose' anything. Because each sessions destroy some of your hair follicles and after destroy those hair follicles they are dead and won't grow back. 
5. So you just want to reschedule some of your laser hair removal appointments and take care  when they rescheduled for you.
6. Share your experience in comments when you stopped your laser hair removal in mid treatment and after some time rescheduled them.
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Basic Short Knowledge of Laser Hair Removal in UK

Laser Systems Means:- 

A laser machine is a device that emits infra-red laser  light through a process of optical amplification which based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. example:- Philips lumea

Full form of Laser:-The term "laser" originated as an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation"
Nature of Laser Beam:- Laser is a electromagnetic infra-red radiation light.
Laser hair removal Means:- Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair from body face or bikini area.
Laser hair removal also means of exposure to pulses of laser light to hair follicle that destroy these hair follicle. 
History of Laser Hair Removal:-Laser hair removal had been performed experimentally  in 1996 to 1998. First of all Massachusetts General Hospital publish an article about laser hair removal in 1998.
Does Laser Hair Removal work?:-The efficacy of laser hair removal is now generally accepted and practised  among the dermatology community and beauticians.
Laser hair removal is now widely practised in beauty clinics, 
Home Laser Hair Removal:-Now many homes machines for laser hair removal is available in UK market which  designed and priced for use self-treatment at home. Many reviews of laser hair removal methods, safety, and efficacy have been published in my laser parlour site.
References and External links:-