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Top Thermal Hair Removal : Best Alternative Permanent Hair Removal

There are 4 technologies which give permanent ( or long lasting) hair reduction:- 
1. Laser Hair Removal 
2. IPL Hair removal 
3. Thermal Hair Removal 
4. Electrolysis. 
You can read more about laser hair removal vs electrolysis in my post:- Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysisin this post I review a best alternative permanent hair removal technology instead laser or IPL hair removal. 
This technology is known as " Thermal Hair Removal" 
What is Thermal Hair Removal or Thermal Epilation?:- When thermal energy is used to crystallise hair and destroy hair follicle then this type of hair removal known as thermal ray hair removal.
Several patented technology like Thermal-Ray™ and Thermicon™ used this heat base technique. 
How Thermal Epilation Work?;-Thermal hair removal is a heat based technology, which uses no light, no lasers and no IPL technologies. 
Thermal hair removal system conducts a gentle pulse of heat to unwanted hair this heat crystallized hair and It is safely and painlessly removed. 
Thermal hair removal machines allows a greater pulse of energy to be passed down to the hair root. This energy disrupting the communication between the bulb and root which slows down hair regrowth and also weakens the hair. So due to several uses of thermal base heat hair removal, hair grows back slower, sparser, finer, lighter and in many cases not seeing hair grow back for a long time.
There are 2 best thermal hair removal system available in market:-
1.Carejoy Thermal Hair Removal.
2. No No Pro Thermal Hair Removal
3.KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal 
1. Review of Carejoy Thermal Hair Removal:-  
Carejoy thermal hair removal is popular at home heat base permanent hair removal device in united kingdom.This device is available at very low cost if we compare it to laser hair removal systems.
Cost of carejoy thermal hair removal is near £50 only.
Features of Carejoy most national magic blue ray machine:-  1. best alternatives of home laser hair removal machines for permanent  hair removal, the effect of thermal energy significantly restrain the hair regeneration.
When you use this device after a period of time you noted thinning of hair density and find your hair become soft. 
Long-term use can achieve permanent hair removal 
See more Details and buying offers with 6 reviews at Amazon here:-

2. Review of No!No! PRO 3 (nono hair removal system):-
no!no! pro 3 is another latest thermal hair removal device but cost of no!no! pro 3 is little bit higher then Carejoy Most National Magic Blu-ray Thermal Handy Permanent Hair Removal Device.
Compare Cost of no!no! pro 3 vs Carejoy Most National Magic Blu-ray Thermal Handy Permanent Hair Removal Device:-
In Uk cost of Carejoy Most National Magic Blu-ray Thermal Handy Permanent Hair Removal Device is near £50 but no!no! pro 3 cost is near about  £125. 
Read more details of no no pro at my earlier article here:-
no no pro review
3.KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal:-

1. KevenAnna is a thermal hair  

removal system for all hair color and 

skin forms.

2.KevenAnna Blue Light Hair Removal 

is best to be used on

 body and face.

3.KevenAnna Blue Light Hair 

Removal remove hair by 

thermal process which is painless and harmless and 

slowing hair growth by way of blue mild heating.

Price £28 in UK (Subject to Change)

Read more detail here:-

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