Saturday, March 26, 2016

New RPL™ Technology Machine "SensiLight™" Review for Permanent Hair Removal at Home

What is RPL™ Technology:- RPL™ means Reactive Pulsed Light technology. RPL™ is a new technolgy for permanent hair removal. 

RPL™ is based on IPL or modified IPL Technology which means RPL™ hair removal machine (SensiLight™) unique sensors continuously react to your skin’s unique type, texture and needs with every pulse, which delivering right energy for expert precision. 
RPL™ pushes the boundaries of IPL technology, which revolutionizing IPL, this will taking it one step further to create RPL™. 
How RPL™ Technology works:-
Sensica’s a clinically-tested RPL™ technology machine which delivers light pulses to hair these light pulses absorbed by the melanin found in the hair shaft and generating heat this heat coagulating the hair follicle. 
Finally you get less hair growth. New RPL™ Technology Machine "SensiLight™" Review:- The most advanced reactive pulsed light technology permanent hair-reduction system makes expensive laser base, IPL base salon hair-removal treatments a thing of the past. 
SensiLight™ Mini 50
SensiLight™ has high-capacity lamp whcih can produce up to 50,000 , 1,00,000 and 1,50,000 flashes ( flashes depend on your model), that means you'll less need to refill cartridges. 
SensiLight™ is an affordable introduction to the most advance system for at-home reactive pulsed-light hair removal. 
Is SensiLight™ RPL™ Technology home machine cleared by FDA:- Yes, SensiLight™ is FDA-cleared machine whih use clinically proven RPL™ technology which takes the widely known IPL technology one step further.
 you may read more details of IPL here:- 
SensiLight™ at home permanent hair removal machine incorporating unique sensors that continuously react to your skin's specific needs with every single pulse. 
SensiLight™ is the ideal solution for achieving hair free skin on target regions of the body. so user may receive professional, salon-quality results in the comfort of his own home. 
Models of SensiLight™:-
SensiLight™ Mini 100
There are 3 models of SensiLight™ is available in market 
1.SensiLight™ Mini 50:-SensiLight™ Mini 50 give 50,000 flashes.cost of this mini portable device is near $199 
2.SensiLight™ Mini 100:-SensiLight™ Mini 100 give 1,00,000 flashes cost of this mini portable device is near $299 3.SensiLight™ :- Give 1,50,000 flashes,cost of this device is near $349 
I provide you Amazon link of this device for more user reviews:-

What Hair Color and Skin tone is best for SensiLight™:-
SensiLight™ before and after
RPL™ treatments are most effective on darker hair types or hair with more melanin because melanin is the pigment that gives hair and skin its color and melanin also absorbing RPL light energy. 
So black and dark brown hair responds the best for this machine. 
Brown and light brown hair also respond to treatment, but requires more sessions. 

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