Saturday, March 12, 2016

How to Live Young Forever Secret #1: Eat Less live Long

Today I want to tell top 10 scientific secrets of Indian monks who live young forever.
If you are 30+ in age then you must read and follow all parts of this article for live young and stay young forever in your life.
in every point of this article I explain scientific reasons for these age defying secrets.
#1 Age Defying Secret: Eat Less in Your Diet;-  Eat less live longer is a general term but this term is most effective and most promising for elder people. Dr Michael Mosley make many documentaries for BBC on this secret.

According to new research a protein name "Sirtuin" is responsible for ageing.
How to increase activity of sirtuin for long life span:- This study is in very early stage only 3 factors found who increase activity of sirtuin:-
1. Calorie restriction without malnutrition. ( Eat low calorie diet with full nutrients)
2.Using of poly-phenols ( Resveratrol is also a poly phenols).
3. Nicotinamide is an activator of sirtuins in small dosage.( but inhibit in large dosage).
So in our first age defying secret we discuss only factor one "Calorie restriction without malnutrition" point 2 and 3 is discussed in next parts of this articles.
in ancient India " Fasting for spiritual reasons is normal" in Hindu spiritual books fasting means " Eat only fruit and vegetables base diet only once a day"
They eat boiled vegetables and fresh fruits plus take fruit juice in there fasting
This type of diet is a low calorie diet with full of nutrients.
in Islam a series of fast known as " Roja" or "Sawm" and in " Iftar" they eat dates and soups which full fill this condition " low calorie with full nutrients.

Scientific experiments on mice show " Low calorie diet with nutrients reverse your type 2 diabetes, arthritis, cardiac vascular disease, blood pressure, gout, and even reverse cancer.
Low  calorie diet with full nutrients increase your life average 14 years.
 Low calorie diet with full nutrients reverse aging signs you can also get help from these anti aging lasers:-
Read these researches how low calories diet reverse type 2 diabetes and cancer:-

How to use this secret:-
Add fruit juice (without added sugar) base diet , boiled vegetables and fresh fruits and vegetables soups and specially do not forget to eat dates.
decrease your total food one half and use smaller plates enjoy dates 
Next Part of this series:-
How to Live Young Forever Secret #2: Use Polyphenols in Your Diet
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