Monday, March 14, 2016

Top laser hair removal clinics in india

There are top 3 clinics is famous for laser hair removal in India. In my earlier article I told that home laser hair removal machines are still not popular in India and Indian woman's prefer treatment in laser hair removal clinics.
So in this article we discuss top laser hair removal clinics in India.  Here is the list of "India" most promising laser hair removal clinics:-
1. Kaya Skin Clinics
2. VLCC Welness Clinics
3. Vibes Laser Clinics in India.
So now we review and compare cost and efficiency of kaya v/s vlcc v/s vibes laser hair removal.
1. Reviews and cost of kaya skin clinics:-
Kaya use Nd- yag Lasers which highly effective for Indian skins. (laser hair removal machines are 4 types , If you want to knew more about types of laser hair removal machines then read this article:- Types of laser hair removal machines)
kaya has a range of clinics in whole india you can use this clinic locator to locate your nearest one:-

Cost of treatment on kaya skin clinic is depend on your area of laser hair removal however you can get a lum sum idea here:-
in my review kaya is a best choice for facial hair removal and permanent hair removal from nd yag lasers.
2.Reviews and cost of VLCC welness clinics:-
Vlcc is another complete beauty and fitness solution including laser and IPL hair removal treatment plus fitness. find your nearest store from this store locator link:-

in my review vlcc is a complete Indian skin care chain which provide skin rejuvenation and hydration treatment as well as laser and IPL hair removal.
3. Reviews and cost of Vibes laser hair removal in India:-
Vibes India brings us a range of latest Laser Hair Reduction technologies which available around the world like NdYag, Diode laser and IPL hair removal. These laser hair removal technologies come with FDA approval.
here I provide the link of  vibes store locator:-

in my review vibes is best option but there store is available in major locations of India only like new Delhi, kolkata, Hyderabad, gurgaon, gohati, siliguri, banglore, chennai, etc. 
Another option:- These days home laser hair removal systems are also popular in india read more details about home laser hair removal here:-

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