Thursday, August 13, 2015

Verseo Electrolysis Pen System : The Face and Body Hair Removal

There are numerous methods or systems for hair-removal. Individual usage all depends on purposes, either for temporal treatment or for permanent treatment (personal decision). 
 Below are some hair-removal systems for face and body; 
 • Verseo Electrolysis Pen System: 
  This system is safe to use, it is not really painful. With verseo pen, you can remove hairs that are really not necessary from your face, back, neck, and chest with ease. 

 The Verseo electrolysis pen sends a direct current of electricity to the root of the hair, destructing the nerve at the root of the follicle.
 After some time, there will be little or no hair growth. 
In just few weeks you will see a significant loss in hair growth in the body part that the Verseo Epen was used. 
How does it work? 
Verseo electrolysis pen is used for permanent treatment. It functions by transmitting a direct current of electricity straight to the root of the hair. 
This damages the nerve at the root of the follicle. There will be a great loss in hair growth at the spot where the Verseo Epen was applied and this is what you begin to observe in barely 2-3 weeks of treatment. 
Epen is pain free, effective, inexpensive and easy to use. • The Laser Hair-removal System: 
 This is also one the safest systems of hair-removal. It operates automatically and removes hairs nearly permanently. It is very simple to use. 

  • Tria hair-removal laser 4x

Tria 4x  is a type of laser hair-removal and it is better used when it comes to permanent hair removal. 
See details of this system here

 • Needle Electrolysis Hair Removal System 

This system is quit painful when removing hairs. It is operated by inserting a needle into the hair follicle in which a current is the passed through the needle. 

Before getting started with the treatment, it is necessary to get the particular area cleansed and a numbing Cream applied. 
While current is being passed through the needle that has been inserted into the follicle, the hairs will be pulled out using a pair of tweezers. 
This method is usually time-consuming as the spots are to be treated separately and properly. This system of hair removal is suitable for all types of skins, but with different degrees of pain. 
It can only be handled by experienced practitioners. How needle electrolysis hair removal system workse There are also different systems of face and body hair-removal. 
They are;
 • Shaving system
 • Waxing system 
• Hair-removal cream system 
 Hair removal is very important as it makes one look good and enticing.
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  1. Vereso seems like it would be a long process, but I'm glad to have options. I had no idea any of these products were out there.

  2. In last 3 year laser and IPL hair removal is more popular then electrolysis.