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Do At-Home Laser Hair Removal Systems Really Work? Part 2

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Over the past few years, many types of at-home laser hair removal systems have hit the market, allowing people to get rid of and maintain unwanted body hair from the convenience of home. 
     Women often spend a lot of time and money to remove hair from undesired areas on the body. Although top waxing and shaving machines offer a temporary solution for excess hair, laser hair removal systems can get rid of hair quickly and permanently.      When selecting an at-home laser hair removal system, there are many important things to consider. As with everything you bring into your home, safety should come first. Make sure you select a system that is well-reviewed and has been given high safety ratings that comply with FDA rules and regulations. 
    You may also want to do research on how much the system costs compared to what else is on the market, how difficult it is to use, the effectiveness of the system, and how long each individual cartridge lasts in the machine. Because beauty companies are constantly releasing new products, it is difficult to narrow down which systems are truly successful.     However, laser hair removal has proven to be a significant and simple way to reduce body hair, and the promise of removing hair permanently is quite appealing. In a 2013 report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, laser hair removal is one of the top five non-invasive procedures performed commonly in doctor’s offices across the country.  
    However, like a lot of medical beauty solutions, receiving treatment for hair removal can prove to be rather expensive. Laser treatments work by directing heat at the hair follicle when it is in an active growth cycle and killing it, thereby preventing it from regrowing. Because every single hair grows in a different cycle, hair removal treatments typically need to be applied over multiple sessions to achieve permanent results. 
    In a professional setting, each of these sessions usually costs several hundred dollars whereas at-home systems can be purchased for prices as low as $40. While some of the more advanced machines can take a bigger chunk out of your wallet, they only require a single investment as are economically practical for the long run. 
    Although many of the at-home systems on the market today have been receiving positive reviews, there are some setbacks to laser hair removal that may affect each individual’s results. Because hair follicles only absorb light where there is a contrast in shade between hair and skin, it is likely to work best on a lighter skinned person with dark hair. Similarly, dark pigments can actually absorb the laser, leading to possible burns and injuries. 
      Therefore, despite the many benefits of turning to at-home laser systems to permanently remove hair, they may not be the best choice for everyone, and people should take the time to look into each system before deciding which one to purchase.
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