Thursday, August 13, 2015


 MeMy Elos laser is a recent hair removal machine which is much more effective, efficient, enticing and powerful than laser machine. Me MyElos machine is an automated machine that is more advanced than Laser machines.

Me My Elos machine makes use of electro-optical synergy for hair removal. 
Me My Elos machine functions by combining an extreme pulse light lamp and radio frequency technology. 
The old version of the machine does not require combination. The deficiency of this old version is that the energy which the pulse carries and needed to generate heat is not sufficient enough to generate the required heat that can destroy the hair follicle. Syneron, the manufacturer of the Me My Elos machine and was released in 2011. 
 The Me My Elos Machine Me My Elos and Laser machine may have some similarities, but the Elos does not really focus much more heat energy to a particular spot as much as the same way Laser machine operates. 
Nevertheless, some Lasers consumes up to 54 joules per square centimetre each and every second, Me My Elos consumes about 9 joules per square centimetre every second. 
This is obviously implying that Me My Elos machine certainly will not consume as much energy or heat as Laser machine. Another advantage the Elos machine has over Laser machine is its accuracy in operation. 
The laser machine possibly hurt or discolors the skin part targeted for hair removal. The Me My Elos simply targets the pre-heated hair and does not hurt or discolor skin. This is because of the combining techniques Elos machine has and it makes it less risky. 
They are the intense pulse light therapy and radio frequency waves. Despite the uniqueness and effectiveness of the Me My Elos machine, it has not been certified by the Food and Drug Administration as of yet, this is because it is yet a brand new technology for hair removal. But nevertheless, it is considerably safer than the Laser hair removal machine. It shields large portion of skin simultaneously and making treatment duration shorter and more efficacious. 
 The Me My Elos machine is made of skin contact sensor, to ensure that the light pulse will likely not activate except the machine makes complete contact with the skin. 
It does not generate light pulse if a hand is holding the machine. Me My Elos machine is highly recommendable due to its efficiency and effectiveness in operation
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  1. This hair removal device really sounds like it gets the job done. That's great for people who want products that work fast.

  2. Me My Elos technolgy is best for people with dark skin tone