Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Best Way To Remove Facial Hair Permanently (Without Using Laser or IPL)

You already read basic natural tips for remove facial hair naturally.Today I tell you that how to permanently remove facial hair without using laser  and IPL systems
1. This is a use-full method for all women which have thick facial hairs like mustache and beard.
2. Facial hairs are mostly find in human males but some females are also develop facial hair especially after menopause.
3. In femals mostly facial hairs are found in upper lip.
4.  So What is best way to remove facial hair permanently? Laser or IPL hair removals are best for permanent hair reduction and they really work best (Read:- does at home laser hair removal system work?) but some of women not want to use these methods they want an alternate . 
Today I told you one method which may permanently remove facial hair at home.
5. This method told me by a stranger lady in train and she give me multiple scientific prove that this method is work. she told me that she have facial hair and she remove them naturally by this method.
6. I am also find this method so simple and very use-full so I publish this on this blog .
7. For using this method you need 3 thingns 1. Hydrogen Peroxide 2. Hair bleach 3. Hair Wax
8.First of all test your skin that you have no any allergy to above  3 products, because author of this blog is not a doctor and skin care specialist so no liability is accepted if this method will hurt you so try it in you own risk and after proper allergy test or under the care of your dermatologist. 
9. It is recommended that first use this method on a patch of your leg before try it direct to your  face.

10. Now we come in to main method:- Apply hydrogen peroxide on unwanted hairs for 10 minutes,It will weaken hair roots like laser hair removal and after 10 minute wash this hydrogen peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide chemical is available all leading chemists .
Now bleach these hairs (bleaching also weak hair roots),
And finally just after the bleaching wax these hairs.
When waxing plucking these hairs which roots are already weaken with hydrogen peroxide and bleach, then waxing will pluck hairs with roots.  
11. After this wax when next time your hair grow then 5-10% hairs not come back because they damage by roots. 
12. Repeat this method in every 15 days,
after using 5-7 cycle you may note that 50 %+ your hair not come back. 
13. Laser hair removal also want many sittings like this method .
14. Continue repeat this method after every 15 days, till you get maximum optimized results or no facial hair.
Please do not forget to share your experiences in comments if you use this method and remove your facial hair permanently without laser
This method is usefull for facial hair only
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  1. I think this method is because after using of 15 days I find 35 % hair reduction

  2. Great, this method give me 60% hair reduction in one month without using any home laser hair removal, Thanks a lot, It work.

  3. Man can use or not?

  4. Hello sir,
    I male with facial hair on cheek bones just below eyes and also very big eyebrows.
    Can i use this method in this areas?

    1. Yes But be careful that direct contact of hydrogen peroxide and bleach in eyes may damage your eyes,

  5. I use sugar wax myself. I mix it at home and cook it on the stove top. It costs next to nothing and I know it is all natural. It is just a bit of water and lemon juice with sugar. I find it is the easiest and cleanest wax to use, specially for the face and bikini area where sensitive skin is!