Saturday, July 19, 2014

Top 4 Age Defying Secrets.

Today, everyone wants to stay young. It is truly the name of the game in this day and age. While there are many different ways people try to stay young, there are very few truly age defying secrets. It takes true dedication to research and produce meaningful results when it comes to finding and sharing age defying secrets. This article, is a wellspring of proven age defying secrets, read on to learn more.
1.Nutrition:- It is all about nutrition. There is an old saying, you are what you eat. When it comes to age and keeping yourself youthful and young, there could not be a more true statement. When it comes to age defying secrets there is nothing like Age Defying Foods
Other 2 best age defying foods are
a.Shirataki noodles:- 
 Shirataki noodles are truly a miracle noodle which contains the highest soluble fiber of any food. This noodle is a well kept natural age defying secret. Shirataki comes from the root of a plant called Amorphophallus Konjac grown in various parts of Asia. Shirtaki noodles  also contributes to fiber intake, and these noodles can be a substitute for starchy noodles.

b. Artichokes :-
Eat your artichokes. It has recently been proven that eating 3 artichokes a day can reduce the effects of free radicals by 60%. It has been reported that artichokes are stock full of antioxidants, which promote liver function and can even help with bloating and an upset stomach. Eating 3 artichokes a day will not only prolong your life and quality of life, but also yield impressive immediate results that will help you feel better today and tomorrow.

2. Cutting Back of Suger:-Everyone loves their sweets, but one of the most powerful age defying secrets known and proven is the cutting back of sugar. Eliminating sugar in your diet is going to help to eliminate those achy joints and those pains as you get older. Eliminating sugar is a simple yet incredibly effective age defying secret, and one that everyone can implement today.
3. Eat less:-  This is my main secret of anti aging, I always eat less, When my staff member enjoying sweets and oily fast foods then I enjoy my sugar free tea and dates in my breakfast.

Many people reverse their diabetes from less eating.

Many people get good figure from less eating.

Researches found then rats are live long when they live minimum foods.

4. Breathing Exercise:- Anulom Viloma Paranayama is a best anti aging Breathing Exercise. Anulom viloma paranayama prevent from Alzheimer and Parkinson even from brain stroke and normalize high blood pressure.
5. Anti Aging Laser:- I write a detail article about age defying laser on this blog, read it here


  1. Thank you for the link to the anti aging laser article; it was a very interesting read and I learned a lot. It's something I would try so I could look younger and have better skin tone.

  2. My secret has always been to drink lots of water and protect my skin but these are some useful tips that I could incorporate into my daily routine and maybe supplement my own skin care regimen.

  3. does Anulom Viloma Paranayama has any side effects?

    how long should we be doing it ? any number of months or should be doing it for only certain period?

    1. welcome kiran ji anulom vilom pranayam have no any side effect if you doing it in empty stomach plus doing it in slow speed, second condition you have no any serious heart or lungs disease. You can do it life long if you practice 5-15 minutes per day in normal speed. It is just alternate breathing