Friday, December 12, 2014

Do At home Laser Hair Removal Systems Work ? Part 1

In Response of my earlier articles about best home laser hair removal kits most of my followers ask that does at home laser or IPL hair removal systems really work? 

In reply of this question I want to ask from these followers that "Why not? Why they think so? 
This question is as foolish as I ask you that " Does at home hair removal cream or at home hair removal wax work like a professional beautician used wax or cream? 
Tria laser hair removal machine 4x and Remington I light Pro machines are at home machines but they work like a professional laser hair removal system. 
I am already tell you a home method about permanent facial hair removal without laser or IPL ,if you ask me about this that " Does my at home method for permanent removal of facial hair without using laser or Ipl work? then I am not sure but no doubt that in current technology at home laser and IPL hair removal systems work like any professional machine.
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