Monday, December 7, 2015

Why I need too many sittings in laser hair treatment?

In laser hair removal treatment you want 3-7 sittings for a long lasting result . 

Why 3-7 sittings is required?:- The laser or IPL hair removal procedure uses high power pulsed diode laser on hair root . 
This laser light is absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft which is damaging the follicular epithelium. 
damaging of follicular epithelium is the cause of permanent hair reduction . 
It is not happening in a single sitting.
Some of hair shaft is damaging permanently in 3 to 7 sittings all depend on your hair thickness and particular area of laser hair removal like arms pubic etc. 
Why laser beam not damage all of hair follicle at once?:- laser technician doesn't give such a high beam on your hair shaft because In laser hair removal treatment  they want to damage only hair roots and protect  your epidermis ( skin layer ) so this is the reason for too many sittings in laser hair treatment.
Is home machines also require many sittings?:- Yes laser hair removal machines for  home use also required 3 to 7 sittings for permanent hair reduction.
What happen if you quit after some sittings?:- You can restart your treatment again at any time read detail here:-

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