Friday, December 4, 2015

What Happen if Anyone Stopped Laser Hair Removal in Mid Treatment?

1. For permanent hair reduction in laser hair removal treatment you may want 3-6 sessions, it depends on your hair area and hair quality. 

2. Many people go away from laser treatment after 1-2 sessions because they got side effects of laser hair removal like skin redness and skin rush pimples etc.
 3. After stopped laser hair removal treatment in mid they think this means progress will be lost and the hair  will go back
 4. You won't 'lose' anything. Because each sessions destroy some of your hair follicles and after destroy those hair follicles they are dead and won't grow back. 
5. So you just want to reschedule some of your laser hair removal appointments and take care  when they rescheduled for you.
6. Share your experience in comments when you stopped your laser hair removal in mid treatment and after some time rescheduled them.
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