Friday, October 16, 2015

Radiation Risks or Laser Hair Removal Link with Cancer, Birth Defects or Infertility ?

Many people ask that "does laser hair removal cause cancer or not?" they search here and there that dose laser hair surgery is a cause of cancer or not?In this article we discuss about these topics:-

1. Is there radiation in IPL or  laser hair removal ?

2. Does intense pulsed light or laser hair removal causes cancer ?
3. Laser hair removal link with cancer.
4. Risks of laser depilation.
5. Does laser hair removal cause birth defects
6. Does laser hair removal cause infertility.
Laser parlour experts give answers of these common questions
1. Is there radiation in laser hair removal ?
There are 2 types of radiation
1. Ionizing radiation:- like X ray, Ultra violet radiation etc.
2. Non-Ionizing radiation:- like laser, RF and IPL beam.
So your laser hair removal device is a non ionizing radiation base device. Laser beams are infra-red beams.
2. Does laser hair removal causes cancer ?
Only ionizing radiation like x ray interfere with cell mutation and may be causes cancer.
but laser beam use in lasik laser hair removal is a non-ionizing radiation which will not interfere with cell mutation so in my view laser hair removal is not a cause of cancer.
3. Laser hair removal link with cancer.
Skin cancer is normally caused by UVA and UVB exposure. So laser beam only produce heat to remove hair and does not cause cancer.
But some of experts say when laser beam touch dust particles in air it will be change them as "Laser polluted dust particle" which is Environmental cause of cancer. 
So there are still concern on laser hair removal safety on cancer.
It is a good idea to watch Dr. Malcolm Willis on this youtube video. Where the dr. clearly say " The ultra violate light cause cancer but laser light is infra-red light which not cause cancer
watch now:-

4. Risks of laser depilation or does laser hair removal hurt?.  

So overall, non ionizing radiation does not cause skin cancer but hair depilation  with laser cause other side effect's like skin rash, etc so we can not say that it is completely safe. here are some risks of laser hair depilations:-
1. Swelling.
2. Pigmentation.
3. Discoloration.
4. Skin rash.
5. Red bumps.
6. Blisters.
7. Scarring.
So laser hair removal may hurt your skin.
5. Does laser hair removal cause birth defects? :- 

There are no studies that evaluate the safety of laser hair removal on foetus or foetus during pregnancy. 
So It is not clearly say that laser hair removal cause birth defects or not many doctors recommend avoiding laser hair removal during pregnancy. there are no much information about the effect of laser hair removal on the foetus.
6.Does laser hair removal cause infertility?:-
Laser hair removal is a non ionizing radiation so they not inter-fair with ovulation process so laser and IPL radiation not cause infertility in men and women.
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  1. I can't imagine that laser hair removal would be this deadly, but the thought of it changing your pigmentation or scarring... THAT is scary. Good info shared here. -ppme

  2. I'm glad there are some great alternatives to hair removal. I'm ditching the foam and razor today! - Melisha

  3. With every procedure, no matter if it's lasik, plastic surgery or even just a normal Dr's checkup... it all comes with a risk. You have to pay the piper. -Phil