Sunday, October 11, 2015

Five Benefits and drawback of choosing home laser hair removal instead of laser hair removal clinic.

Preparing for Christmas party
Christmas 2015 is near and women’s are busy for a hair free look in Christmas 2015 or new year  parties of 2016. 
Today at home laser hair removal is very popular instead of many sittings in a clinic. 
In a survey of this website woman’s, give priority to buy home laser hair removal devices instead of long sittings in laser hair removal beauty clinics.
According to our survey, these are the top 5 reasons that why a woman wants a blast at home laser hair removal system in their Christmas  gift.
1. Safety: - New HPL and IPL technology base devices are safer instead of old fashion huge diode machines using in clinics.
2.  Low quality china made equipments various branded machines: - Some clinic uses low quality china made diode or IPL equipments so women give priority to buy a branded laser hair removal system like Tria 4x, Remington, Silk’N’sn, etc.
3. More effective new generation systems: - Tria, Silk’N’sn , Me my Elos and Remington launch new generation laser hair removal systems for 2014 these new generation handy and portable systems are safer and more powerful in compared to old huge laser machines.
4. New VPL technology devices: - VPL means Variable Pulsed Light, VPL is a new patented technology Which is near about similar to IPL
Remember Laser, HPL, VPL and IPL all are separate technologies but all 4 work similar and use light beams to destroy hair follicles. 
5. Cost efficiency: - New generation laser hair removal systems are very cheap if we compare to many sittings cost in a laser clinics.
Drawbacks of home laser hair removal systems:-
1. Lack of professional care: - When you done laser hair removal at home then you feel lack of professional care because you are not a laser hair removal technician.
2.  Fear of skin damage: - Any newbie who uses a home base device feel fear of skin damage if the device does not operate properly.
Conclusion: - Home base laser hair removal systems are better and cost effective if all instructions read carefully and use them after proper frequency settings today many video demonstrations are available on YouTube which teach you proper use of home laser hair removal machines. Many manufacturers also give a Video DVD with his packages.
Best Laser Hair removal Machines for home use
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  1. I’d have to agree with all the women surveyed, as some of these have been my concern as well. Mainly the cost is my issue, but I’ve been comparing hair removal systems to use at home. I didn’t even think to look at youtube videos as you’ve suggested, but that’s helpful information to know since I’m planning to purchase a system this week!

  2. If you ask me whether I would choose a home base hair removal equipment or clinic base, I would rather have hair removal done at home. At home, I can do it anytime and save more money. Before I haven't had any hair removal equipment at home, I always went for clinic laser. I wasted alot of money. Now, I'm all happy with all these high technology equipments.

  3. I think the convenience of being able to remove hair safely at home sounds much better than spending all of your time at a clinic. I would be very glad to have an instructional DVD to make sure that I am doing everything correctly. It would be wonderful to have equipment that is easy and effective to use at home.

    1. Every system like Tria, Remington etc come with and instruction DVD.

  4. It is wise to buy at home laser because it give us permanent hair removal instead of temporary hair removal in saving

  5. I have always wanted to try this method of hair removal but haven't yet. I may now that it looks like it may work.

  6. Please make your comment again with your experience with laser hair removal once you try this method

  7. I have two very good friends and one likes to go to the clinic to get her hair removed and the other loves to do it at home. After reading this article it looks like there are many more pros for doing it yourself at home, although I think the for the first time you do it maybe try it at the clinic. When it's your first time you are probably nervous and need the support.

  8. Thank you heather I agree with you, but no need to nervousness due to latest models of laser hair removal machines.