Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Minimum Age For Laser Hair Removal.

Many visitors of my site ask me that What is minimum good age for laser hair removal? 
Most of experts say minimum good age for laser treatment is 17 year.If you take laser hair removal cosmetic surgery before age of 17 year it will not give you good results below the age of 17 years old because if you are under 17 your hairs are not mature well and thickness of your hairs are poor.
 I told you earlier in this website that laser hair removal work best on thick and black hair so if you take it below the age of 17 year than it will cause more side effects of laser hair removal like skin colouration and hyper pigmentation.
Best age for laser hair removal:- As per most of countries regulations laser hair removal clinics may require a parent or legal guardian consent for perform a laser hair removal process on a child under 18 year of age so minimum age is 17 but parent consent is required in this age.
Best age is 20+ for laser hair removal
Age is s basic factor to choose laser hair removal. please remember 17 is a minimum age but if you get it after 20+ then you will get optimized results.
Can I perform laser hair removal on age 15-16?:- answer is strictly no because in this age hair follicles are not mature properly.
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Minimum age for bikini wax:- In my personal view for American or French style of bikini wax this age is minimum 12 year to 14 year (after puberty ) and in case of laser hair removal full Brazilian bikini wax minimum age is 18 to 20 year .Please consult your dermatologist for exact advice about your age and bikini wax. 
you can see differences of American, French and Full Brazilian bikini wax here:-
Differences of American, French and Full Brazilian bikini wax
Recommended age for laser hair removal

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