Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to Remove Red Bumps Caused by Laser Hair Removal

The red bumps which that may form after hair removal treatments are a possible side effect of laser hair treatment which known as “follicular edema.”

 Follicular edema is a response of sensitive skin to the thermal energy of the laser machine. 
follicular edema also referred to as “ant bites,” this side effect occurs during and shortly after the completion of laser treatment. 
Red bumps are short term side effect duration of this side effect can be between 1 days to 7 days. 
Sufferer are directed to avoid shaving waxing and direct sun expose until the red bumps disappear to avoid irritating the skin. 
Red bumps are more likely to occur in first or second sitting, See details of laser hair removal sittings here
Sessions of laser hair removal
You can a hydro-cortisone cream or the simple application of a cold compress can be used to alleviate the swelling and restore the skin to its natural state.
If hydro cortisone cream not work for you than you may try application of ice cubes.
How to remove red bumps caused by laser hair removal:-
Apply Ice Cube
Use Hydro Cortisone cream
Ask your doctor if symptom's persist over 7 days


  1. What an unfortunate result of laser, but I'm glad there are a few quick fixes to this. Anyone else experience the same? -Anna

    1. Red bumps during laser hair removal is a common side effects which easily treated by hydro cortisone cream and cold compress with ice

  2. Are the red bumps permanent? That sounds like an unfortunate option for getting a product like this. Yowza! ~~LALA16

    1. Red bumps are temporary side effect for a short period of time.

  3. How long does it take for the red bumps to go away?

  4. Generally red bumps caused by laser hair removal go away within 2-7 days.

  5. I have VERY sensitive skin and this is something I worried about if I were to start using a laser hair treatment. I’m glad to know it’s not permanent though, and your suggestions on how to relieve them will come in handy. I can live with the bumps up to seven days though – far better than permanent!