Friday, April 12, 2013

The Best Laser Hair Removal Machine for You

Are you sick of shaving your hair every week? Are you tired of razor bumps or rashes after shaving? Well, this article is for you. We are going to look at different laser hair removal machines in the market and analyze which is the best option. Laser hair removal is not a scam; it is a real product that has proved to be effective and efficient over the past couple of years.
Nd:YAG Lasers
These are laser hair removal machines with the longest wavelength. Some of the lasers that falls in these categories are Lyra, CoolGlide and Athos. The longer the laser wavelength is, the safer and better it is on darker skin as well as it has lesser side effects. This is because the wavelength penetrates deeper into the skin which is crucial in people with tanned or dark skin. 
Diode Lasers
These types of laser hair removal machines are second longest after Nd:YAG. They are best suitable for individuals with olive to dark skins. Some of the lasers in this category are Apex 800, LaserLight and LightSheer.
Alexandrite Lasers
These types of lasers are lauded to have the largest spot sizes of around 18mm. Lasers in this category are GentleLase lasers. It is worth noting that the larger the spot size the faster the laser treatment. This is because the area covered is also big. This makes the Lasik laser hair removal treatment faster and more efficient. Because of the fact that you will take lesser time, the laser treatment will also cost you less.
Alexandrite lasers are best suitable for individuals with fine or light texture hairs. But these types of lasers are not recommended for people with coarse and dark hairs.
The conclusion of the matter is that all these types of laser hair removal machines are best for different individuals depending on hair types. It is clear from the discussion above that Alexandrite lasers are best for people with light and fine hairs while on the other hand Nd:YAG are best for individuals with dark and coarse hairs. It therefore depends whether your hair is light or dark, fine or course to determine what type of laser hair removal machine will work best for you.
It is also advisable that before you use laser hair removal treatment, you seek the advice of professionals. They will be able to give you exact and precise details of what type of machine will work best for your skin and hair type. You can visit Lasik laser hair removal for free consultation on what can work best for you. This will ensure that your laser hair removal treatment is successful and yields great results.

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