Friday, April 12, 2013

Laser Hair Remover Expounded

LASER is acronym or short form of “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”
In these days, LASER technology is going on top almost in all fields. More reliably, LASER technology is being used widely in the world for removing unwanted hair.
There is a LASER machine which is used for removing hair. It uses a LASER beam to burn the roots of hair. See in figure.
How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Operation
Hair removing operation with LASER is not only zapping the unwanted hair, it requires training and attention. A person who is unknown to it, he can create many risks for your skin health.
Check all the credentials of doctor and technician who are going to give you a hair removal. This procedure has many risks as well as benefits.
Avoid sun exposure before getting this treatment and after for 3 to 6 weeks, otherwise you will stuck in skin problem

What to Expect During Lasik Laser Hair Removal Procedure
Before treatment, your long hair will be trimmed by scissors.  
The Laser equipment should be adjusted according to the location of hair, color of skin and nature of skin.
Appropriate eye protector is must to use according to the laser or light source for the doctor and patient also. It will protect your skin’s outer layer too.
First of all, the technician should give a pulse of light to the treatment area to check the nature of skin.
You have to give ice pack or anti-inflammatory creams or lotions to the treated area.

Side effects and risks of Hair removal
Normal side effects can be occurred after getting hair removal like itching, pink skin and redness of skin as shown in the figure. Sometimes swelling could be around the treatment area.
This normal side effect will remain for two or three days. Most major side effects are skin discoloration and acne.
Swelling and scab formation around the hair follicle, hypo pigmentation (white spots), flare of acne, infection and skin burning also be possible.
Some very rare side effects can be occurred like blistering, skin texture changes and scarring.

Benefits or Advantages of Laser Hair Removal
Lasik laser hair removal procedure is very useful procedure to remove all unwanted hair from under arm, leg, face, bikini line, and other areas.
Laser hair removal procedure has a lot of benefits also.
It is more reliable than any hair removing cream. Laser pulse targets the coarse hair not attacks to the skin.
Hair removed with laser hair removal operation, will take a long time to grow up again or it will never grow up. And skin will remain smooth. It removes hair very rashly than any cream.
After getting a laser hair removal treatment, about 90% people get permanent hair disabilities in future.
Other methods of removing hair like waxing are much painful and sometimes it hurts a lot during removing hair from pubic location. Lasik laser hair removal is a pain free method to remove unwanted hair.

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