Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Can laser hair removal be used for nostril hair?

One of my follower ask that " I want to permanent remove my nostril hair through laser? What to do? which home laser hair removal system is best for nasel hair removal?
Laser hair removal inside nose:- 
No any home laser hair removal machine is useful for laser hair removal inside nose because nose mucosa is a sensitive membrane and doing laser or IPL hair removal inside nose is hurt , 
However a professional plastic surgeon doing electrolysis for nose hair removal.
Electrolysis and laser hair removal is near about same read the difference in both of them in this link:-
Laser nose hair removal cost:- I already told that your laser surgeon use electrolysis instead of laser or IPL for permanent hair removal inside your nose, cost of nose electrolysis is near $50 for both of nostril but it all depend on your country and your surgeon fees because nose hair removal will be performed by only a experienced and qualified dermatologist.
Electrolysis nose hair removal:-
Electrolysis is a best option for removing male nostril hairs but this electrolysis of nose hair is done only by a experienced hair removal specialist, watch this you tube video for more details:-

Best way to get rid of nose hair:- If you want to removal nose hair from top of nose then laser and IPL systems are best for you read more details of home laser hair removal machines here:-

How to remove hair from nose surface?:-  If you want to remove hair from nose upper surface or laser hair removal on top of nose then IPL hair removal systems like Gillette Venus Naked Skin is a best choice read more details here:-
Same process may be adopted for nasal hair removal in female

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