Saturday, February 6, 2016

How Old do You Have to be to Get Laser Hair Removal?

Many  of my followers ask me that "What is minimum good age for laser hair removal?" and "Is laser hair removal safe for teenagers?"

I think minimum good age for laser treatment is 18+ year.
If you take laser hair removal cosmetic surgery before age of 18 year 
it will not give you good results below the age of 18 .
Why 18 Year is minimum?:- in many countries parent or legal guardian consent is require to perform laser hair removal process below the age of 18.
If I have a parent or legal guardian consent can I go for laser hair removal in age of 15-16:-
No , It is not advisable by me because if you are under 17 your hairs are not mature well and thickness of your hairs are poor.
I told you earlier in this website that laser hair removal work best on thick and black hair so if you take it below the age of 17 year than it will cause more side effects like skin discoloration and hyper pigmentation.
Is any age restrictions for laser hair removal?:- Yes laser hair removal has age restrictions and minimum 18 year age you have to be get laser hair removal without prior consent of parents or legal guardian.( as per many countries law minimum 18 year is necessary otherwise It may require prior consent of parents or legal guardian.)
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