Friday, September 18, 2015

Laser Hair Removal: Definition, Means and Mechanism

 Today laser hair removal is a best and popular solution for permanent hair removal
In this article I tell you definition, meaning and mechanism of laser hair removal 

 What is Laser Hair Removal?:- 
 Definition:- In a hair removing process when pulses of laser light used to destroy the hair follicle then process is called laser hair removal. 
Laser beams are non ionizing so in laser hair removal there are no risk of radiation or cancer.
but laser hair removal are other side effects read these side effects here
Side effects of laser hair removal
Top 10 Side effects of laser hair removal
Mean:-Laser hair removal used coherent laser light pulses in permanent hair removal. 
Mechanism:- laser hair removal is based on SPTL technology means “ Selective Photothermolysis”. Where laser light destroy melanin pigment in hair follicles without effecting surrounding tissue. Laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal both are different process so now read next part of this story here:-Intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal
Differances in laser or IPL or RF


  1. I like laser hair removal better, especially compared to wax. I was always wandering what it was, how it works and what it does!! So thank you for taking the time to explain the science between those miracle workers! On the photo, the results look amazing, and only with a laser light… The laser hair removal seems better than the intense pulsed light hair removal, what do you guys think? Does anyone tried those techniques before? If yes what is the best one? Thanks :)

  2. Hi sam,
    I think IPL is safe if we compare it to laser

  3. Laser Hair removal:- costly but give you permanent hair removal , more side effects like red bumps skin burn etc.
    IPL:- less costly, low side effects and give permanent like long lasting hair reduction.

  4. I always wondered if it was really permanent but I guess if it's destroying the hair follicle it's pretty permanent. That's for clearing this up for me! :)

  5. It will take 5-7 sessions for a permanent hair reduction

  6. I've never heard of this method. I didn't think it would be a permanent method of removal but it looks like it is. Very interesting!

  7. Thanks jennifer
    These days laser hair removal is a best solution for permanent hair removal

  8. I was having an argument with someone at work how these laser treatments work. She kept insisting that they pull out the hair and I told her she was thinking of an epilator. She just kept arguing. I am e-mailing this post to her right now to shut her up! Thanks for the information!