Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to Lighten Dark Lips Instantly & Naturally

One of my follower ask " how to lighten dark lips instantly". In this article I tell you trusted natural home method for lighten dark lips naturally. 
First of all I tell you main causes of dark lips
1. Smoking
2. Harmon Imbalance
3. Chemical Lipstick
4. Aging
5. Hyper Pigmentation
Now I give my tips for lighten lips
Natural lip color turmeric
1. Avoid all of causes:- As I described earlier, if you want permanent and instant result from my tips then you must be quit smoking and not to use any brand of lipstick. For anti aging read my blog age defying laser
Natural lip color lemon
2. Use Sodium bicarbonate and honey:- take one upon half teaspoon honey and a pinch of sodium bi carbonate mix them and apply this home made mixture on lips before sleep, You may see instant difference at next morning.
Natural lip color home beauty parlour
Natural Lip Color
3. Continue point 1 and 2 for one month.
4. Use lemon juice and Turmeric powder mix as natural lipstick :- 

This is my famous home made natural lip color in my home beauty parlour I recommended to avoid lip color and use only natural  turmeric powder and lemon juice for this purpose ( When you mix lemon juice with turmeric powder then turmeric color is change from yellow to red ) dilute this mixture and apply on lips as natural lip color.
5. Do not forget to comment your experiance and share this post.
6. Use herbal facial cleansers only
7.Next:- read my other tip for Permanantly removing facial hair without laser or IPL

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