Sunday, June 29, 2014

What Is Age Defying?

Aging is a natural process. When we born we were a child, then we grow young and finally enter in old age. No one completely stops aging, but we may look younger from our age if we use age defying techniques like age defying laser, age defying foods and age defying exercises.
What Does age defying mean?
Word "defy" is a verb that means openly resist or refuse to obey someone. When we try to resist our aging process or try to look younger from our age then it called " Age Defying"
Is age defying possible?
Yes, we can resist our age by certain age defying foods, exercises, herbal antioxidants, and by using anti aging laser systems etc.
Can we defy our age through mindset changing?
Yes mindset also plays an important role in age defying because our physical body is controlled by our mental body so in this blog, I also mention some use full meditations or breathing exercises for age defying.
Methods for age defying:-
Age Defying Foods
Age Defying Serums
Anti Aging Laser systems
Breathing exercises
Herbal products
Physical exercises (Including massage)
Mental control of aging. (Including meditation)

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  1. I think a lot of people mistake anti-aging for age defying or age reversal. They all sound the same but can mean many different things to many different manufacturers. Choosing an age defying product or service is better for your skin and will often show much better results than any other product on the market. This site has a lot of good information that helps explain this a lot better than I ever could.

    1. Neocollagenesis is then only way to rejuvenate new collagen for age defying