Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is Laser Hair Removal worth it?

This is one of the outstanding benefits about Lasik laser hair removal. This is a method that has been tested and has proven to be effective and efficient over time. The beam of light just destroys hair follicles without harming the skin cells. It just eliminates or retards the selected region. It is therefore painless and does not result to razor bumps and rashes. It is also worth noting that a Lasik laser hair removal enhances a smoother and toned skin. Apart from the initial cost that you will incur that can be challenging, it is a worth investment. It's only worth it if you shave very often, because in that case, you're actually saving money. Keep in mind that laser hair removal does not remove ALL hair, just MOST, but with the hair that it doesn't remove, it's a lot finer and takes longer to grow.

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